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Why you should buy CC curl eyelash extensions
The natural beauty of the extensions makes the eyes expressive and give them a special charm and depth. How to create seductive eyelash-effects? Which eye suits best to this curl? Why is it so popular all over the world? What is the difference to other eyelash curls? We will tell you everything and even more about it in this article.
How to choose the right lash lift pad for clients
If you want to do a professional 5-star job and want to have many satisfied customers, then you are right here. We will not only discuss which lash products or techniques suit best, we will also give useful advice from experienced lash experts.
How to do 2D eyelash extensions like a pro
One of the most popular technique for a natural look are 2D eyelash extensions. A professional eyelash stylist should know how to apply them, because they are highly in demand. Women all over the world love the natural look and 2D lashes will bring many happy and returning customers.
Why everybody wants to have C curl lashes
The use of various curls during the work helps to modelling the look and the correction of minor imperfections in appearance. Factors such as the strength of natural eyelashes, a harmonious look, and the duration of wear are considered. Many clients want to have C curl lashes. For good reasons.
How to do 3D volume eyelash extensions like a pro
Nowadays there are many different styles to discover for everyone. One of them are 3D eyelash extensions. They allow to look spectacular day and night without make-up.
Why are D curl lashes highly in demand?
Eyelash extensions are a popular service of beauty salons worldwide. Millions of women regularly get their eyelashes done by a professional eyelash stylist. One of the most used eyelash extension curl is the D curl. Why is it so popular? Here you will find everything you need to know about D curl lashes.
How to apply hydrogel eye patches like a pro
Eyelash treatments, such as extensions, colouring and lamination, require not only qualified execution, but also high-quality products - one of them are hydrogel eye patches. How to apply them? Let’s go deeper into that topic.
How to do doll eye eyelash extensions like a pro
There are many different types of eyelash extension styles. In this article will focus on the doll eyelash extension effect. The eyes visually appear larger. The look becomes open and more seductive.
How to do cat eye eyelash extensions like a pro
One of a high demand look are cat eye eyelash extensions. If you want to be the best eyelash stylist in your city, then you should know how to apply this eyelash extension style.
How to do squirrel eyelash extensions like a pro
If you want to count to the best of the best eyelash stylists, then you need to know as many methods and technologies. One of them is the squirrel eyelash look. This technique guarantees a lot of new clients and success.
How to do fox eyelashes like a pro
Eyelash extensions are a great opportunity to enhance the natural beauty. One of the most popular eyelash extension effects is the so-called “fox-eye-effect”. If you want to know “how to do fox eyelashes” then you will love this article.
How to create hybrid lashes like a pro
One of the special trends in the industry are hybrid lashes. If you want to know how to create the best hybrid lash extensions for your clients, then you should read this article.
How to create volume eyelash extensions like a pro
The technique has developed over years and is continuing. It has proven that even clients with rare and thin eyelashes can get an expressive look. Here you will find everything you need to know about volume lashes – the latest trend in the industry.
The secret of natural eyelash extensions
Classic eyelash extensions with a natural effect usually cannot be distinguished from natural eyelashes. Here you will learn the secret of natural lash extensions.
Welcome to our professional lash shop
It is hard to find a lash company that delivers constant quality. We are a company for the sale of eyelash extension products and trainings and we just offer the best quality in one place.
All about the eyelash extension volume technique
The popularity of eyelash extensions is growing worldwide. Women discover all the benefits of a longer and fuller lash line. But did you know that there are different types of eyelash extensions? Here we will talk about the eyelash extension volume technique.
The secret of classic eyelash extensions
The beauty industry offers one of the most popular and convenient procedures - the classic eyelash extension. A technique that relieves the worries and insecurities of thousands of women. Classic eyelashes allow you to gain the desired volume and look natural.
The best eyelash extensions in Basel
Whenever you visit Basel and you want to get your eyelash extensions done by a professional, it can be tricky to pick the right business to work with. Here you find the best studios for eyelash extensions in Basel.
How to remove eyelash extensions like a pro
A professional technician should know how to do a correct removal carried out carefully. How long does an eyelash extension removal take and is the eyelid injured? We will explain all these questions.
The best studios for eyelash extensions in Klagenfurt
The beautiful Klagenfurt has much more to offer than just the enchanting Wörthersee. In addition to the many sights, there are also excellent eyelash studios in this city. If you are looking for a lash expert you can trust, you will definitely find the right one in our list of top eyelash stylists from Klagenfurt.
Different styles of eyelash extensions
Are you looking for an innovative eyelash extension technique to impress your clients? Well, the innovations in the eyelash extension styles are making women look more mesmerizing.