The different eyelash extension styles

Are you looking for an innovative eyelash extension technique to impress your customers? Well, the different eyelash extension styles make women's hearts beat faster. Long eyelashes add shine and glamor to the face.

As an eyelash stylist, you certainly know the most important and trendy eyelash extension styles. Here we present some styles that you should definitely know.

Natural eyelash extension style

Natural eyelash style

This execution is one of the classic styles and it is loved by many women. When it comes to technology, great importance is attached to naturalness. Maintaining the natural structure of the lash line has the highest priority with this type of eyelash extension. The lash line should look natural and appear smoother. The structure, density and pattern of the eyelashes remain unchanged.

Doll style lashes

doll eyelash extension style

This method of eyelash extensions makes the eyes look like a doll. A majority of eyelash stylists prefer this lash style as it gives a unique look to the eyes. Longer extensions are applied in the middle of the lash line. The length gradually decreases towards the outside. The corners of the eyes are thus rejuvenated. Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions make eyes look brighter and fuller.

Open eye eyelash extensions

open eye extension style

The open eye lash style must be done by a professional with experience. To give the lashes an open look, the volume and thickness can be increased near the eyelid. The density of the eyelash extensions towards the corners of the eyes can be reduced. This creates a big, shining eye that your customers will love.

Cat style eyelash extensions

Cat style eyelash extensions

As the name suggests, the main approach of this extension method is to make the eyes look like a cat's. To emphasize this effect, you should start applying at the inner corners of the eyes. From here the thickness and length of the extensions should then increase. A beautiful cat style eyelash look is created towards the corner of the eye.

Squirrel Eyelashes Style

squirrel style eyelash extensions

With the so-called squirrel eyelash look, the longest extensions are attached approximately under the arch of the eyebrows. The other sections of the lash line contain shorter lashes.

These are some of the trending eyelash extension styles that are very popular around the world. You should always choose one of these styles according to your client's face and eye shapes. With this eyelash look book you can get started right away and use the different styles.

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