Eyelash extensions after 2 weeks: tips for long-lasting eyelashes

You did eyelash extensions a few weeks ago and were thrilled with the result. Your eyelashes were fuller, longer and gave your look a seductive look. But now, after 2 weeks, you notice that some lashes have fallen out and the extensions don't look as perfect as they did at first.

Don't worry, this is completely normal! In this article you will learn why eyelash extensions need some care and attention after 2 weeks and how you can make them last longer.

Why do eyelashes fall out after 2 weeks?

After a few weeks, it is normal for some lashes to fall out. This is because our natural lashes go through a natural growth cycle. Each lash has an individual lifespan of around 2-3 months before it falls out and is replaced by a new lash. Therefore, it is normal that you will notice some lashes falling out after 2 weeks.

How can you take care of your eyelash extensions after 2 weeks?

  • Gentle Cleanse: Make sure to gently cleanse your lashes without vigorous rubbing or pulling. Use a mild cleansing product designed for eyelash extensions and gently clean with a soft brush or your fingertips.

  • Avoid Oils: Avoid oil-based products like makeup removers or eye creams near your lashes, as they can loosen the glue and cause the lashes to fall out.

  • No Plucking or Rubbing: Avoid pulling or rubbing your lashes, as this can damage the extensions and stress the natural lashes.

  • Use an eyelash serum: To encourage the growth of your natural eyelashes, you can use a special eyelash serum. However, make sure that it is suitable for eyelash extensions and does not interfere with the glue.

How long do eyelash extensions last after 2 weeks?

Eyelash extensions typically last 3-4 weeks before a refill is required. However, this can vary depending on the growth cycle of your natural lashes, your grooming habits, and the quality of the products used. By taking good care of your eyelashes after 2 weeks and following the tips above, you can extend the life of your eyelash extensions.

When should you get a refill?

If after 2 weeks you notice that many eyelashes have fallen out and your eyelash extensions no longer look even, it is time for a refill. A refill ensures that the gaps between the fallen out eyelashes are filled and your eyelash extensions look fresh and full again. It is recommended to top up every 3-4 weeks for best results.

How long should eyelash extensions last?

The durability of an eyelash extension can vary depending on individual factors. In general, eyelash extensions should last 2 weeks before the first failures occur. However, in some cases they can last up to 6 weeks or more depending on the maintenance, the growth cycle of the natural lashes and the quality of the products used.

Tips for eyelash lengthening after 2 weeks

Eyelash extensions after 2 weeks require some care and attention to make them last longer. By using gentle cleaning techniques, avoiding oil-based products, and taking good care of your lashes, you can ensure your lash extensions last longer and continue to look gorgeous. Remember to have regular top-ups for best results.

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