Buy eyelashes for eyelash extensions

As a professional eyelash stylist, it is important to use high-quality eyelash extensions for perfect eyelash extensions. But where can you buy the best eyelashes for eyelash extensions? In the Conny Lashes online shop you will find a diverse selection of first-class eyelash extensions that will meet your needs.

The first address of eyelashes for eyelash extensions

eyelashes for eyelash extensions

When it comes to high-quality eyelash extensions, the Conny Lashes online shop is the first choice for eyelash stylists. Here you will find a wide range of eyelash extensions that meet the highest quality standards and ensure impressive results.

Large range of eyelashes for eyelash extensions in the Conny Lashes online shop

eyelash extension eyelashes

The Conny Lashes online shop offers an extensive selection of eyelash extensions that have been specially developed for eyelash stylists. From classic to voluminous eyelash extensions, you will find everything here to achieve the desired look of your customers.

The eyelash extensions are available in different materials, lengths, curls and colors so that you can create a tailor-made eyelash extension for every customer.

You should pay attention to this when buying eyelashes for eyelash extensions

When shopping for eyelash extensions, there are a few key points to consider:

  • Quality: Eyelash extensions should be made of high quality material to ensure a natural look and long-lasting comfort. The eyelashes in the Conny Lashes online shop meet these criteria and are known for their excellent quality.

  • Consider customer requests: Every customer has individual ideas about their eyelash extensions. It is therefore important to select eyelash extensions that enable the desired look and meet the needs of your clients.

  • Experiences of other eyelash stylists: Find out about the experiences of other eyelash stylists with the various eyelash extensions. Positive reviews and recommendations can help you choose the right lashes for eyelash extensions.

Buy high-quality eyelash extensions in the Conny Lashes online shop

In the Conny Lashes online shop you will find the best eyelash extensions for eyelash extensions. Thanks to their many years of experience and expertise in the industry, they offer products of outstanding quality. The eyelash extensions are easy to attach, comfortable to wear and ensure a natural and breathtaking look.

eyelashes eyelash extensions

Tips for application and care of eyelashes for eyelash extensions

In addition to buying high-quality eyelash extensions, it is important that you as an eyelash stylist are informed about the correct use and care. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Careful preparation: Prepare the natural lashes thoroughly by cleaning and degreasing them. This improves the adhesion of the eyelash extensions and extends their durability.

  • Precise application: Make sure to apply the lashes for eyelash extensions one at a time and at the correct distance from the lash line. Precise placement provides a more natural look and avoids any inconvenience to your customers.

  • Gentle care recommendations: Inform your customers about the correct care of their eyelash extensions. Recommend them to brush their lashes daily, use oil-free products for the eye area, and refrain from rubbing their eyes.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Conny Lashes online shop is the best address for eyelash stylists to buy high-quality eyelashes for eyelash extensions. The wide range of products, the high quality of the products and the reliable customer service make the online shop the best choice.


With the right eyelash extensions and the necessary know-how, you as an eyelash stylist can achieve impressive results and inspire your customers. Trust Conny Lashes and take your eyelash extensions to a new level.

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