Eyelash extensions glued together? Find a professional stylist

Applying eyelash extensions can cause your natural eyelash hairs to weaken and fall out. An experienced eyelash stylist puts individual hairs together into a fan and carefully sticks them onto each eyelash. The stylist should never apply clump lashes to his clients before the glue hardens due to unprofessionalism or haste.

In this context, eyelash extensions may become stuck together. The resulting consequences can be very unpleasant and harmful to health.

In this article, you'll learn how to avoid eyelash extensions stuck together.

This is how the eyelash extensions last most effectively without sticking or peeling off

An experienced eyelash stylist must follow the following rules and recommendations:

  1. Use two tweezers when working: the second is necessary to separate the base lash from the others, thereby preventing the hairs from sticking together. The insulating tweezers and all the others for clean work are available to buy in our eyelash shop. If a stylist uses only tweezers, there is a risk that the eyelashes will break down into clumps that get tangled and stick out in different directions. No customer wants to experience that.

  2. It is necessary to maintain a distance of at least 0.5 mm from the skin of the eyelids, otherwise the tightly adhered material will pull on the skin, causing tingling, itching, injuries to the skin and eyelashes. The closer the extensions are glued to the natural eyelash, the more likely the risk of eyelash extensions being glued together is.

  3. When it comes to eyelash extensions, the eyelash stylist should never rush. Careful work requires at least 2 hours. Anything less than 1 hour is improper. Based on the treatment time, the customer can assess whether the eyelash stylist is good or bad.

  4. When working it is necessary to use materials with quality certificates. Cheap eyelash extension products can cause allergic reactions, among other things. In our online eyelash shop we only sell high-quality eyelash products.

  5. The eyelash stylist must use high-quality eyelash glue and apply the eyelash extensions precisely. Otherwise, discomfort will occur and the artificial eyelashes will begin to sting and fall off quickly. Anyone who has ever had the experience will never want to have eyelash extensions glued together again.

Tips for preventing eyelash extensions from sticking together due to the customer's fault

Sticky eyelashes can occur when:

  • Eyelashes were not combed daily. The short combing makes the hair supple and loose eyelashes are also removed.

  • Sleep on your stomach while rubbing your eyes. This can lead to eyelash extensions sticking together.

  • Allow the extensions to dry immediately after showering. The steam softens the glue. Only paint over the eyelashes when they are dry and the glue has hardened.

Conny Lashes Tips: It is important to choose a professional eyelash stylist. Glue liquids on eyelashes are dangerous. Be sure the eyelash stylist is professional.

Study photos of the work, customer reviews and ask your friends, acquaintances or co-workers for recommendations. It is important that eyelash extensions are the artist's main activity and not a side job.

Improperly sticking on extensions can have unpleasant consequences and health risks for the eyelashes. To prevent this, you should only contact trustworthy eyelash specialists who provide good information about aftercare.

With these tips you will be perfectly prepared. This will save you from having to glue your eyelash extensions together.

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