Itchy eyelash extensions: what to do?

As an eyelash stylist, it's important that you take care of your client's well-being, including possible ailments like an itchy eyelash extension. In this text, I will give you some useful information and tips to deal with this problem.

What Causes Itchy Eyelash Extensions?

Itchy eyelash extensions can have a number of causes:

  • A possible cause is an allergic reaction to the glue used or the extensions themselves.

  • It's also possible that dirt or bacteria on the eyelashes or around the eyes can cause irritation.

  • Improper care of the eyelashes or the use of products that are not suitable for eyelash extensions can also lead to itching.

  • Dry skin or skin hypersensitivity can cause itching to develop.

  • Improper application of the eyelash extensions or excessive strain on the natural eyelashes can also lead to problems.

It is important that you consider these aspects and discuss them with your eyelash stylist if necessary.

Tips to prevent itchy eyelash extensions

There are some preventive measures you and your clients can take to avoid itchy eyelash extensions. Make sure the lashes and surrounding skin are thoroughly cleaned to remove dirt and bacteria.

Use a mild, eyelash-friendly eyelash shampoo. It's also important to avoid allergic reactions by using hypoallergenic glue and high-quality extensions.

Taking good care of your eyelash extensions, brushing them regularly, and avoiding rubbing or pulling on your eyelashes can also help reduce itching.

You can also use a soothing eye mask or eye drops to soothe the skin and reduce itching.

Treatment of an itchy eyelash extension

If your clients are already suffering from itchy eyelash extensions, there are a few things they can do to provide relief. First of all, it is important that you do not scratch or rub your eyelash extensions as this can make the situation worse.

Instead, they should gently cleanse the eye area and possibly use cool compresses to soothe the irritation. If the itching persists or worsens, they should see you as an eyelash stylist to analyze the problem and, if necessary, find a solution.

Professional advice and help with an itchy eyelash extension

As an experienced eyelash stylist, you are the first point of contact for your customers with problems such as itchy eyelash extensions. Take the time to listen to their questions and concerns and give them the best advice possible.

You may also recommend them to see a doctor if the itchiness persists or worsens. By dealing with their concerns sensitively and competently, you strengthen the trust of your customers and win their long-term satisfaction.

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