Sauna with eyelash extensions?

Eyelashes come into contact with water every day. Women who have eyelash extensions want to know whether it is possible to go to a sauna. Many assume that under the influence of high temperature and humidity, extra hairs can fall off immediately and all the efforts of the eyelash stylist are in vain.

Is it really like that? We get to the bottom of the question: Is it possible to visit the sauna with eyelash extensions?

Rules for sauna with eyelash extensions

To ensure that the additional eyelash extensions stay on your natural eyelashes for as long as possible, it is important not only to use the services of an experienced stylist. But also follow our basic expert recommendations after the eyelash treatment.

Sauna with eyelash extensions: The 24 hour rule

The eyelash glue needs some time to fully harden and create a bond between the eyelash extensions and natural eyelashes. Therefore, you should avoid contact with any moisture for at least 24 hours after treatment.

We recommend this period because this is the only way you can be sure that a strong connection will actually be created. After this time, the extensions will stick to the eyelashes without slipping.

Important rules: Eyelash extensions with sauna

The following rules should be followed when using a sauna with eyelash extensions:

  • Do not go to the sauna with eyelash extensions until at least 24 hours after the cosmetic procedure.

  • There is no need to go to the sauna when temperatures are extremely high. Saunas are available with different heat levels. We do not recommend choosing the highest heat. This means that the extensions are not exposed to the highest humidity and temperatures.

  • Sweat and moisture on the face and around the eyes should be wiped off with a clean cloth. Ideally, this cloth should absorb excess liquid. This is the best way to protect the extensions.

  • After water procedures, the eyes should not be rubbed with a towel.

Conny Lashes tips for sauna with eyelash extensions

  • Before going to the sauna, find out about the climate. Staying in a room with high humidity does not have the best effect on the condition of the eyelash extensions. It's best to ask the lifeguard about the temperatures in the sauna area. Temperatures over 50 degrees are very stressful for eyelash extensions.

  • Before entering a sauna, you should shower and remove all makeup from your face. When using the sauna, avoid getting soap in your eyes. This should never be rubbed on the eyelashes with your hands.

  • The best way to remove sweat from your eyelashes is with cotton pads.

So you are perfectly prepared for the sauna with eyelash extensions


  • Wait at least 24 hours after treatment

  • Avoid saunas with temperatures that are too high

  • An eyelash sealant protects the extensions even better

  • Do not touch the eyelash extensions with your fingers

  • Remove sweat with a cloth or cotton pad

  • Lightly dab the eyelash extensions after showering

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