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Quality liquid products are essential for an eyelash artist when it comes to long-lasting eyelash extensions. The goal of every beautician is satisfied and returning customers. This is what we try to offer you with our wide range of high-quality eyelash extension products. We want to help you take your eyelash art to the next level. The quality of the eyelash glue determines the durability of the eyelash extensions. Humidity and temperature in the workroom play an important role with eyelash glue. Both factors vary from eyelash glue to eyelash glue. You can find all this information in the product descriptions. We offer a wide range of eyelash adhesives to base your choice on humidity, strength and client sensitivity. In addition to eyelash adhesives, we also offer eyelash primers. Improperly prepared eyelashes affect the adhesion and durability of the eyelash extensions. The polymerisation process can ideally take place during application, primer should be used by an eyelash artist before starting the application. Our eyelash primer guarantees long-lasting eyelash extensions. In addition to the eyelash primer, we also offer eyelash removers. Our eyelash remover will help you remove the most durable eyelash extensions without stressing your natural lashes. Our eyelash adhesives are specially formulated to be the safest and most reliable products on the market. In addition to the eyelash remover, we also offer an eyelash extension cleaner. Our unique lash-friendly, oil-free lash and brow cleansers are made from the finest spring water. The eyelash extension cleaner for sensitive eyes is suitable for home eyelash care and cleaning of eyelash extensions before treatment. Our specially formulated eyelash shampoo ensures that the eyelash extensions remain free of oils, make-up and dead skin cells. The formulas of our liquids are tested and approved by experts.

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