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With our eyelash products you offer your customers only the best. Improve the time and quality of your lash game with our lash primers.

Why is a primer needed when pre-treating eyelash extensions?
Before applying the eyelash extensions, the eyelashes must be prepared. After the eyelashes have been washed and cleaned, they are degreased with a primer. The light texture at the tips of the lashes forms an optimal basis for the application of the lashes. The perfect marriage between natural and artificial eyelashes is the key to long-lasting eyelash extensions. This makes the eyelash extensions stick much better. An eyelash extension primer should be used before each treatment. You can also be sure that the polymerization process can run optimally during the treatment. The degreasing liquid offers an ideal pH value when applying the eyelashes. It contributes to premium lash lengthening by pre-dissolving natural oils and makeup residue.

Benefits of eyelash primer
The eyelash extensions last significantly longer and the customers can come to the refill appointment at longer intervals. It's a win-win situation, so to speak.
The degreasing liquid guarantees faster treatment.
It creates an optimal connection between natural eyelashes and eyelash extensions.
The customer does not even feel the liquid on her eyelashes.
What is particularly important in the best eyelash primer?
The most important thing is that the eyelash product meets your needs and desires. It is therefore advisable to read the individual properties of the respective product carefully beforehand. Our gentle eyelash primer is basically suitable for all your customers. The product is suitable for all eyelash thicknesses, whether fine or thick eyelashes.

Our eyelash primers ensure even better adhesion
Everyone knows that applying eyelash extensions takes time. A professional full eyelash extension is characterized by the use of the best eyelash products. The skills of the eyelash stylist play an essential role in the job. Natural lashes that have not been adequately prepared prior to application will significantly reduce the adhesion and durability of the eyelash extensions. The liquid ensures a much better adhesion and a longer shelf life. Developed by experts, it is one of the best products on the market. It creates a perfect base for eyelash application. The eyelash primer should not be missing in any beauty salon.

Our best eyelash primers ensure that eyelash extensions last longer
Many women complain that their eyelash extensions don't last long enough. This can be very annoying and is also associated with unnecessary costs. So that your customers can enjoy their eyelash extensions for a long time, not only experience and technology play an important role. A pre-treatment with a professional eyelash primer is necessary. A high-quality liquid is an important component for the longer durability of an eyelash extension. Our experts have searched for the perfect formula for a long time and have come up with the right solution with our eyelash products. The liquids are not only easy and quick to apply, but also ensure a quick and pleasant treatment. Your clients will love our eyelash extension primer. After all, who doesn't want to perfectly express their eyes with beautiful eyelash extensions for a long time? We hope you enjoy shopping in our eyelash shop.

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