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Do you want to buy eyelash extensions? Then you are exactly right with us. In our online shop you will find everything you are looking for. We have been in the eyelash extensions industry for more than ten years and have tested all different materials, diameters, lengths and curls of extensions. With us you can easily find the items you need to offer your customers the best products. Based on our experience, we know exactly what is important in high-quality work. Due to the careful selection of materials, our eyelash extensions are rated "excellent" by many eyelash artists around the world. All of our individual eyelashes are made from allergy-friendly, synthetic, viscous, high-quality PBT fibers with a shine ranging from deep black to matt and very elastic. Each type of lengthening has different characteristics and effects on your appearance. Materials such as mink, silk or cashmere, on the other hand, give the same lashes different textures and structures. Our synthetic eyelashes have many advantages. You can work very quickly with our extensions as they easily detach from the strips and fan out. Our eyelash extensions are 100% cruelty-free. We have strict contracts with our suppliers and guarantee our customers the highest quality eyelash extensions.

silk eyelashes
Silk eyelashes are a synthetic-based silk fiber. They are thicker at the bottom and get thinner towards the end. Because of their thick body, silk lashes work best in natural lash sets. They are very flexible, soft and elastic and are often used in conjunction with the classic eyelash technique. The shape of the silk lashes is very close to our natural lashes.

Fake mink lashes
If you are looking for eyelash extension products that are not tested on animals then you have come to the right place. Mink faux lashes are for clients who want a dramatic look. The eyelashes are made of synthetic material. They get denser towards the end of the elongation. Faux mink lashes are more resistant to temperature changes. The rough surface structure contributes to better adhesion to the natural eyelash.

cashmere eyelashes
Cashmere eyelashes are ultra-light and have a beautiful shine. They are up to 70% lighter than traditional lash extensions, allowing lash technicians to double/triple the volume without adding extra stress to the natural lashes. Cashmere Lashes stand for a luxurious look and offer the best wearing comfort.

Flat lashes
Flat lashes are elliptical in shape and should be in every shopping cart. They are lighter and less damaging to natural lashes. The end of the flat lashes is oval and not round like typical eyelash extensions. They offer a better grip due to their wider adhesive surface. Their larger contact area provides more texture and volume.

Colored eyelashes
Express your individuality with a unique eyelash look! It's important to have a diverse selection of eyelash extensions that suits you and your clients. Let your creativity run free with our colored eyelashes! We have a wide range of extensions that include the trendiest colors. The nuances can be chosen according to your mood. The different colors ensure a unique eyelash look.

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