Why you should use a lash shampoo

We have hair shampoo, shower gel, facial cleanser and many more beauty products. Why shouldn't we have a lash shampoo for eyelash extensions? In this article, we'll tell you what you should pay attention to, why it is important using a shampoo for eyelashes and where you can get a high-quality cleanser.

What is a lash shampoo for?

An eyelash shampoo is particularly suitable for the care of eyelash extensions. It is gentle on the adhesive surfaces and thus promote good durability of the eyelash extensions. Anyone who has ever had eyelash extensions knows how quickly make-up residues, flakes of skin, pollen, sebum or dust can accumulate in the individual hairs. The small chambers literally lock in this unwanted dirt and even normal washing can be difficult to rinse off. An eyelash shampoo removes these extremely reliably and very gently. The healthy ingredients care for the hair and what is good for extensions cannot be wrong for real hair. The eyelash cleanser is a product that was developed for fake lashes. Don't worry, the lash foam is so gentle that it doesn't sting your eyes and guarantees gentle cleaning. You should get it if you have eyelash extensions.

What you should pay attention to

It is very important that the eyelash shampoo does not contain silicone oil, mineral oil, PEGs and parabens. Check that and you are on the safe side and do not risk any inflammation.

How to use a cleanser

The application of the eyelash shampoo is very simple.

  • Apply 1 or 2 pumps of the foam to the fingertips at least once a day.
  • Gently shampoo the lashes with a cleansing brush (do not apply excessive pressure, massage the product for a short time and avoid contact with the eyes).
  • Then rinse the lashes thoroughly with warm water. Make sure to remove any residue left by the eyelash shampoo.

Tip: If you are travelling and don’t have a lot of space in your bag, the lash bath can also be used as a shower or shaving foam.

The eyelash glue lasts longer

Even if a lash artist uses the best lash glue for the eyelash extension treatment. The adhesive will lose its strength after a few weeks and will no longer be able to hold the false eyelashes. Unfortunately, special adhesives that last forever have not yet been invented. Eyelash shampoos can at least extend the shelf life of the lash glue. Not just dirt can attach the adhesive also common cleaning agents can do. They make the adhesive porous and cause it to give way faster than desired. A lash cleanser is mild and do not harm the eyelash glue. In addition, the foam is oil-free, which is very important.

Where you can buy an eyelash shampoo

If you want to buy a high-quality cleanser, you can check our shop.

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