Easy Fan Lashes: Benefits and Tips

Easy Fan Lashes are an innovative volume technique in the world of eyelash extensions, allowing to create volume fans quickly and easily. In contrast to the conventional hand fan method, in which the fans have to be formed manually, Easy Fan Lashes are already pre-fanned and thus enable fast and efficient work.

Advantage 1: Time saving

The biggest advantage of the Easy Fan Lashes is the significant time saving when lengthening eyelashes. Since the compartments are already fanned out, there is no time-consuming manual shaping of the volume compartments. This allows eyelash stylists to serve more clients in less time, thereby increasing their sales. The Easy Fan Lashes are ideal for eyelash stylists looking for an efficient way to offer high quality volume techniques.

Advantage 2: Precision and consistency

The eyelash extensions offer high precision and consistency when creating volume fans. Since the fans are already preformed, the size and arrangement of the lashes is the same in each individual fan. This ensures an even and professional appearance. The eyelash stylists can focus on their technique and be assured of consistent results with every client.

Advantage 3: Easy handling and application

Easy Fan Lashes are also suitable for beginners or eyelash stylists with less experience. The pre-fanned lashes are easier to manage and allow for easier application. The predetermined shape of the compartments reduces the risk of errors and irregularities. The lash stylists can focus on correctly applying the fans to the natural lashes, resulting in a faster and more effective way of working.

Advantage 4: Gentle on natural lashes

Another advantage of the Easy Fan Lashes is that they protect the natural lashes. Because the fans are already pre-fanned, less manipulation is required to apply them to natural lashes. This reduces the risk of over-pulling or damaging your natural lashes. The extensions allow lash stylists to achieve voluminous and impressive results while preserving the health and integrity of natural lashes.

Advantage 5: Diverse design options

Easy Fan Lashes offer a variety of styling options and allow eyelash stylists to get creative. Since the fans are already pre-fanned, various techniques such as the Kim K or the Russian volume look can be implemented without any problems. Eyelash stylists have the freedom to mix and match different fan sizes, densities and lengths to achieve the look they want. This allows them to create individual and tailor-made eyelash extensions for their customers.

Tips for use

  • Be sure to purchase high-quality Easy Fan Lashes from trusted manufacturers. Quality is crucial to achieve an optimal result and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Practice handling the eyelash extensions to get a good feel for handling and using them. The more you practice, the faster and more skilled you will become at creating volume fans.

  • Experiment with different fan sizes and densities to achieve the look you want. Every customer has unique needs and preferences, so it's important to be flexible and offer a variety of options.

  • Make sure you thoroughly clean and degrease the natural lashes before applying the Easy Fan Lashes. A clean base ensures better adhesion and durability of the eyelash extensions.

  • Provide your clients with proper aftercare advice to ensure the eyelash extensions last. Teach them how to take care of their lashes and avoid pulling or rubbing the lashes.

Differences between Easy Fan Lashes and the traditional hand fan method

In order to get the full understanding of the benefits, it is important to understand the differences from the traditional hand fan method.

With the conventional method, the volume fans are created manually by the eyelash stylists by picking up several thin eyelashes and forming them into a fan with tweezers. This requires precision, patience and practice to create even and perfect fans. The hand fan method can be time consuming, especially for beginners, and there is a higher risk of uneven fans or damaged natural lashes if not done correctly.

In contrast, Easy Fan Lashes are pre-fanned and do not require manual shaping. The lashes are arranged in a perfect fan and can be applied directly to the natural lashes. This allows for faster and more efficient application since the Eyelash stylists can save more time and focus on fan placement rather than shaping.


Easy Fan Lashes are a revolutionary technique in the world of eyelash extensions that allow the creation of volume fans quickly and efficiently. With their many advantages, including time savings, precision, ease of use, protection of natural lashes and multiple styling options, they have become a popular choice among eyelash stylists.

If you are looking for an efficient way to offer quality volume techniques, Easy Fan Lashes are definitely worth considering. With the right knowledge, skills and quality products, you can achieve impressive results and delight your customers.

Experiment with different techniques, sizes and styles to create your own unique style. Keep up to date with new developments and trends in the eyelash industry to expand your knowledge and keep improving your skills.

Overall, Easy Fan Lashes offer an exciting way to create volume lashes quickly and effectively. Try it out and experience the advantages of this innovative volume technique for yourself.

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