Eyelash extensions by the sea? What you need to consider

Many women want to look perfectly styled on vacation at the beach. This includes eyelash extensions. These make a woman's appearance look flawless even without makeup. Is it worth getting eyelash extensions by the sea? We'll explain it to you.

How does sea water interact with eyelash extensions?

A woman doesn't just want to look beautiful in a bikini, but also on her face. This includes artificial eyelashes. It is possible to have your eyelashes enhanced before a vacation. But it can sometimes be inconvenient. The strong rays of the sun can affect the glue and cause it to be destroyed. This can cause eyelash extensions to fall out more quickly than usual.

However, many women have eyelash extensions. We do not recommend having too much volume applied. This is because the artificial eyelashes often become heavy when they are wet and can damage the natural eyelashes. The perfect volume for eyelash extensions by the sea are 2D volume eyelashes.

Eyelash extension with sea water: This is what you should definitely do

After bathing, it makes no sense to dab the eyelashes with water, as enough sea salt residue will stick to the eyelashes. After bathing, you should rinse the eyelashes and then comb them with a brush to prevent the extensions from tangling. This is the only way to guarantee that no more sea salt will stick to the eyelashes.

Advantages of eyelash extensions by the sea

There are many arguments in favor of eyelash extensions by the sea. You don't have to use mascara or eye shadow to look good while swimming. These cosmetics only close the pores and don't allow the skin to breathe. This can lead to rashes and acne. None of us wants to have impure skin.

When should you get eyelash extensions?

As we have already described, eyelash extensions by the sea are worth it. But when is the ideal time to have them done? We recommend having the treatment done about 3 days before departure. There is enough time to ensure that no allergic reactions such as skin irritation, swelling or redness occur. Otherwise, there is a risk that the above-mentioned reactions will occur at an inopportune moment.

The risk is significantly reduced because of the 3 days beforehand. If the eyelash extensions need to be removed, the eyelash stylist can do this before you go on holiday. That way nothing can ruin your holiday.

At the same time, it is recommended to apply the eyelash extensions no more than 7 days before departure, otherwise some of them may fall out in the middle of your vacation. The wearing time at the seaside is reduced to around 3 weeks. You also don't want to have to look for an eyelash stylist on vacation that you don't know.

Is it worth getting eyelash extensions by the sea?

Many women decide for themselves whether it is worth wearing eyelash extensions on vacation. Eyelash extensions have many advantages and, in comparison, only a few disadvantages. They are practical and comfortable. You can feel very comfortable without makeup and don't have to constantly apply mascara on the beach.

The main thing is not to have any eyelash treatment done on the day of departure. This ensures that no allergic reaction can occur. Sunglasses are also a good way to protect your eyelash extensions.

If an allergic reaction occurs, there is still a solution. An alternative to eyelash extensions by the sea is eyelash lifting. Many women swear by this type of eyelash enhancement.

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