How to brush eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty treatments worldwide. In addition to professionally applied extensions by a stylist, eyelash care is just as important. Here you will learn how to properly comb eyelash extensions with a brush and why this is so important.

Why do eyelash extensions need to be combed?

Most women know it, but some don't. Eyelash extensions need to be combed daily for several reasons:

The order of the eyelashes

By combing, the extensions remain in the desired position and thus achieve the perfect eyelash effect.

Remove adhesions

If the eyelashes are stuck together by makeup or other liquids, combing will help to gently separate them and give them a beautiful look.

Cleanliness of eyelashes

An eyelash brush not only helps to keep the eyelashes beautiful, but also carefully combs them away from dust particles and dirt.

What brushes are available for combing eyelash extensions?

An eyelash brush is a very important tool for the care of eyelash extensions. Here you can find the most important types of eyelash extension brushes and their properties:

Metal brushes

They are usually made of stainless steel and are as strong as they are durable. The thin, closely spaced bristles ensure precise combing of the eyelash extensions.

Plastic brushes

This type of eyelash extension brush is made of durable plastic. They provide separation and help to remove stuck hairs. Plastic eyelash brushes are considered to be very robust compared to other types.

Brushes with natural bristles

Some eyelash brushes are made of natural bristles, such as goat bristles. Brushes with natural bristles are softer and more delicate than others. It is important to consider ethical and environmental considerations when making your choice.

Silicone brushes

Silicone brushes have soft bristles made of silicone or rubber. These brushes are suitable for gently combing and separating stuck hairs.

Fiber brushes

They are made of nylon or other synthetic materials. These eyelash brushes have soft, densely arranged fibers. The eyelashes are effectively combed and it gives them more volume. Fiber brushes remove excess makeup and give the eyelashes a natural look.

Conny Lashes tip: Silicone brushes are best for eyelash extensions. They allow you to comb all the eyelashes gently and effectively. Perfect for eyelash stylists and end customers. You can find the eyelash brushes here in our shop.

How do you comb your eyelash extensions correctly?

  • The eyelash extensions should be combed first from the inside and then from the outside.

  • From the inside, the eyelashes should be combed with gentle movements, avoiding touching the hair growth line.

  • Do not comb your eyelashes directly from the roots.

  • When combing from the outside, do not roll the brush and then comb in the desired direction.

  • Avoid excessive pressure when combing your eyelash extensions.

  • The eyelash brush should be replaced regularly because dust and bacteria can accumulate.

Conny Lashes Professional Tips

  • To keep the eyelash extensions in perfect condition, I recommend brushing them daily. This will maintain an attractive appearance of the eyelash row.

  • The eyelashes should be cleaned daily with an eyelash shampoo. It perfectly removes any dirt without attacking the glue.

  • Wash your face with lukewarm water. Cold water may not wash away all impurities the first time, and hot water will worsen the condition of your skin and hair.

  • Do not apply oils or waterproof cosmetics to the eyelash extensions.

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