Eyelash Extension Certification in Utah

Eyelash extensions are a woman's everyday accessory that draw attention to the eyes. You can earn a lot of money as an eyelash stylist. Many institutes in Utah offer certificates for eyelash extensions. This beautiful state in the USA has special requirements for becoming an eyelash stylist. Here you can find out what they are.

Earning eyelash extension certification is the first step to launching a successful career. After you're certified, you can start a business and run a salon. To get a certificate of eyelash lengthening, you must obtain a license in cosmetology or cosmetology from the Cosmetology Committee. The license is the foundation upon which you can build your skills.


To get a cosmetology and cosmetology license, you must attend a cosmetology school sanctioned by the state of Utah. There are 50 beauty programs in Utah. The training hours are 1600.


After the training hours, you must successfully complete both the written and the practical exam in order to receive the license. You can take the exam via PSI services. First you have to take the practical test. In this exam you have to take a doll head and show your skills. The theoretical test is completed on the computer.

After completing the cosmetics school and passing both exams, you can apply for a professional license. You will need to fill out and submit a cosmetics claim packet.


While submitting the application, you must take a Laws and Rules Exam. This is like an open book review. This test determines your knowledge of laws and regulations.

After you have met all the requirements, you will get your license. You can renew it at any time when it expires.


After the license you can register for the training. Lashes certification fees in Utah vary from $300 to $2000 depending on content and duration. You must attend hands-on workshops run by certified trainers. These are mostly all-day workshops.


After attending the workshop, you must pass the 3-hour certification exam. In the test, eyelash extensions are glued to models. The exam includes:

  • 60 eyelashes per eye
  • Apply lashes evenly
  • No clumpy lashes
  • No 2 lashes glued together
  • Eyelashes curl on the right side
  • Pay attention to the safety, health and satisfaction of the models

Some students practice on non-paid models or friends for many weeks or even months before registering for the certification exam.

You can also take online courses in Utah. Various institutes in Utah offer certification training in eyelash extensions. You can apply there to become an eyelash stylist and run your own salon. All you have to do is acquire a license for cosmetics and then continue your education as an eyelash stylist.

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