The eyelash extensions 1:1 technique - tips and tricks from the pros

As a professional eyelash stylist, you want to offer your clients the best possible look. A popular technique for this is the eyelash extensions 1:1 technique. In this article, I'm going to explain the basics of this technique to you and give you tips on how to use it simply and easily. Learn more about the benefits, products and process of the technique and how you can use it to achieve perfect results.

What is the eyelash extensions 1:1 technique?

The eyelash extensions 1:1 technique is a method in which a single artificial eyelash is applied to each natural eyelash. This means that an artificial eyelash is used for each natural eyelash to achieve a natural and voluminous look. This technique requires precision and expertise to achieve even and beautiful eyelash extensions.

eyelash extensions 1:1 technique

Advantages of the eyelash extensions 1:1 technique

The eyelash extensions 1:1 technique offers various advantages for both the customer and the eyelash stylist. On the one hand, it ensures a natural result, as the artificial eyelashes blend perfectly with the natural eyelashes.

On the other hand, this technique enables an individual adjustment, since each natural eyelash is provided with a single artificial eyelash. This allows clients to achieve their desired look, be it natural or dramatic.

The process of eyelash extensions 1:1 technique

The process of eyelash extensions 1 to 1 technique is relatively simple, but requires care and precision. First, the natural lashes are thoroughly cleaned and prepared. A single artificial eyelash is then applied to the natural eyelash with a special adhesive.

This process is repeated for each individual natural lash to achieve an even look. It is important that the eyelash stylists have the necessary know-how and experience to apply the eyelashes safely and gently.

Tips for using eyelash extensions for 1 technique

In order to successfully use the eyelash extensions 1:1 technique, a few tips must be observed.

  1. Firstly, it is important to thoroughly clean the natural lashes to ensure that the false lashes will adhere well.

  2. Secondly, the glue should be used precisely and in an appropriate amount to avoid clumping or sticking of the eyelashes.

  3. Third, a steady hand and patience is required to apply the lashes evenly and beautifully.

  4. And finally, it is important that the customer carries out the right aftercare to ensure that the eyelash extensions last a long time.

Learn the eyelash extensions 1:1 technique from Conny Lashes

1 to 1 technique eyelash extensions

Would you like to learn the eyelash extensions 1:1 technique and become a professional yourself? At Conny Lashes we offer training and courses where you can learn the art of eyelash extensions.

Our experienced trainers are at your side and will show you all the steps and techniques to use the technique safely and professionally. Whether you are already an eyelash stylist or just starting out in the world of eyelash extensions, we have the right training program for you.

Use high-quality silk eyelashes for the eyelash extensions 1:1 technique

Choosing the right eyelash extensions is of crucial importance for the eyelash extensions 1 to 1 technique. At Conny Lashes, we offer high-quality silk lashes that are perfect for this technique.

Our silk lashes are of excellent quality, lightweight and comfortable to wear, and hypoallergenic. They give the eyelashes a natural shine and ensure a smooth feel.

silk eyelashes 1 1 technique

In our online shop you will find a diverse selection of silk eyelashes in different lengths, curvatures and thicknesses to meet the individual needs of your customers.

Perfect the look with the eyelash extensions 1:1 technique and high-quality silk eyelashes

The combination of the eyelash extensions 1 to 1 technique and high-quality silk eyelashes enables you to create the perfect look for your customers. Through the precise application of the individual eyelash extensions and the use of silk eyelashes, you achieve a result that combines natural beauty and glamour.

At Conny Lashes, we attach great importance to quality and offer you products that you can rely on. Trust our silk eyelashes and let their outstanding quality convince you.

Eyelash extensions 1:1 technique: top products bring top results

The eyelash extensions 1:1 technique is a popular method to offer customers a natural look. With precision, experience and the right products, you can achieve perfect results as an eyelash stylist.

Use high-quality eyelash extensions and the right glue to achieve long-lasting and beautiful eyelash extensions. Offer your customers the opportunity to create their individual look and to present themselves with self-confident and bright eyes.

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