Everything about eyelash extensions 1.5D

The 1.5D eyelash extension is just the thing if you like naturalness and want to make your eyes shine at the same time. The natural beauty and expressiveness of the eye area are particularly emphasized. What are the characteristics of 1.5D eyelashes? Who is the technology particularly suitable for? What do you have to watch out for? Here you can find out everything about the 1.5D eyelash extension technique.

What is eyelash extension 1.5D?

1.5D lashes are a combination of classic and volume techniques. It allows you to make the lash line thicker, fuller and more expressive without compromising the natural look. Visually it looks as if a layer of mascara has been applied to the eyelashes.

Techniques: Eyelash extensions 1.5D

There are a few techniques for these special lashes:

  • One extension is attached to one natural hair, two artificial hairs are attached to the second, then another and so on, with the number of eyelash extensions alternating evenly along the entire length of the lash line.

  • The ciliary line is normally divided into two parts. One half is done using the classic 1:1 technique. The second half with the 2D eyelash volume technique. The outer corner of the eye is made thicker and more voluminous.

  • This creates a flowing transition: double volume is applied from the outer corner of the eye, while classic and 2D eyelash techniques alternate in the middle part. Only one eyelash extension is glued to a natural eyelash towards the inner corner of the eye.

The technique looks natural and well-groomed, it makes the eyelashes appear fuller and more voluminous.

1.5D eyelash extensions

What strengths of eyelash extensions are used for 1.5D eyelashes?

With this technique, the thickness of the extension can be chosen similarly to the classic technique. To achieve a perfect result, we recommend eyelash extensions with a thickness of 0.05-0.10mm. This creates a natural result.

What lengths are used for 1.5D eyelash extensions?

With this technique we recommend eyelash extensions with lengths between 7 and 13mm. The length of the customer's natural eyelashes plays an important role.

eyelashes 1.5d

Who are 1.5D eyelashes suitable for?

The 1.5D volume eyelashes are suitable for almost every customer. It works particularly well with:

  1. Women with almond-shaped eyes: It becomes the natural beauty. A doll look can be achieved with L Curl Lashes. The effect looks natural without looking too dramatic.

  2. Women with Asian eye shape: The eyelash stylist should focus on the outer corners of the eyes. This opens the eyes visually and makes the look appear more open and full.

  3. Women with wide-set eyes: The 1.5D eyelash extension helps to gently correct excessive distance between the eyes.

Who is the 1.5D eyelash extension not suitable for?

We do not recommend 1.5D eyelash extensions for customers with small eyes. There is a risk of making the eyes appear even smaller.

How long does 1.5D eyelash extensions last?

On average, a treatment should not last longer than 2 hours.

When should you fill up 1.5D eyelashes?

The eyelashes retain their neat and well-groomed appearance for up to 3-4 weeks and can then be removed or corrected.

Conny Lashes tip

To ensure that the 1.5D eyelash extensions are professionally done, we recommend only having the eyelash extensions done by professionals. They use high-quality materials and know exactly what is important when it comes to 1.5D eyelash extensions.

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