Eyelash extension before the wedding

For many women, their own wedding is the most important event in their lives. On this day, they want to look like a princess. Therefore, many want to have eyelash extensions before the wedding. There are a few important things to consider. Who should have eyelash extensions before the wedding? What are the advantages? How should you prepare for eyelash extensions? These and many other questions are examined in this report.

How to prepare for eyelash extensions

Everything has to be perfect on this day. The dress is designed by a designer. A hairdresser creates the perfect wedding figure. A professional eyelash stylist creates the perfect wedding look around eyelashes:

  • The stylist selects eyelashes for the right wedding look. It shouldn't be too obtrusive but also not too delicate. The bride's eyes look natural with a luxurious lash.

  • For even brighter eyes, colored eyelashes are also suitable for eyelash extensions before the wedding. The stylist will find the perfect color mix for the overall look. A look with individual colored eyelash extensions with dark extensions is very popular here. The style looks very sophisticated and unique.

  • Brave women who want to surprise their guests and their groom will be happy with eyelashes with rhinestones, glitter and even light feathers. This eyelash extension wedding look is often chosen by brave women.

  • Each bride can individually choose the length, thickness and curl of each individual hair for the eyes. We always recommend doing this in consultation with the eyelash stylist. A professional knows the nature of natural eyelashes and the selection of artificial eyelashes perfectly. Most women choose 3D-5D eyelash extensions before the wedding. The bride's eyes immediately attract the attention of the guests.

Benefits of eyelash extensions before the wedding

  • A wedding is an unforgettable celebration. Therefore, photo and video recordings are an important part of it. The bride's eyelash extensions make every photo unforgettable. The camera captures this expressiveness and conveys it in the photo. The family album becomes a reference work for the bride and groom.

  • After the extension, the eyelashes are long and curved, so the bride does not need to use mascara.

  • The bride doesn't have to worry about smudged makeup. What's more, she might even cry tears of joy because she knows her eyes will stay just as beautiful.

  • The right choice of eyelash extensions conceals imperfections. Small eyes appear larger, while large and round eyes appear smaller. The eye area becomes brighter and shines with brilliance.

  • Eyelash extensions before the wedding are a decision for the future. The beauty of the eyes will last even on the honeymoon. The bride does not have to be distracted by makeup and smeared mascara on vacation.

Conny Lashes tips:

If you want to have eyelash extensions done before your wedding, you should do a trial. It is important that you have experience with eyelash extensions beforehand. We recommend making an appointment for eyelash extensions 2 months before the big event. This way you can determine whether there is an allergic reaction or intolerance.

With the right eyelash stylist at your side, you will have the best feeling for the wedding. A few days before, the eyelashes are refilled and the look is perfectly prepared for the wedding day. Be it with colored eyelash extensions, stones or another eyelash look. The perfect preparation of the eyelash extensions before the wedding is half the battle for a successful day.

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