How get eyelash extensions applied?

Eyelash extensions are the best way to create expressive looks. The method allows to make the eyes brighter and larger. From now on, no more time wasting on make-up in the morning and in the evening. The fluffy and beautiful lashes ensure the best look no matter what time of the day. A professional eyelash stylist is your best friend when it comes to beautiful eyelashes. But how are eyelash extensions applied? Here you will learn the procedure as well as tips, tricks and secrets about eyelash extensions.


The application of eyelash extensions should be performed by an experienced eyelash stylist. Application is a difficult technique that takes a long time to learn. Before the application even begins, the eyelash stylist analyzes the natural eyelashes, discusses the customer's wishes and determines the preferences. If the natural lashes have been damaged by previous work, it is impossible to apply new lashes. The extensions won't stay in place for long. If the eyelashes are in good condition, getting a new set of eyelash extensions is not a problem. The previous analysis has a lot to do with trust and experience. A professional stylist selects a specific length and style for each client based on the shape of the eyes and face. With the help of extensions, it is possible to correct the asymmetry of the eyes and visually change their cut. Each hair is then meticulously fixed at the base of the eyelid. Thanks to this approach, it is possible to achieve the effect of thick natural eyelashes.


How eyelash extensions are applied goes hand in hand with quality products. The eyelash glue is one of the most important things. A special waterproof glue can be black and transparent. A black glue creates the effect of a liquid eyeliner. A transparent adhesive is completely invisible to the eyes. Also, eyelash extensions have a major impact on the outcome. Eyelash fans should be open until the next appointment. If this is not the case, better quality eyelash extensions must be used.


The amount of glue used for each extension is key to a professional set of lashes. Many technicians put too much eyelash glue on an extension to save time. This is the biggest mistake you can make as the lashes will stick together and won't last long. They also damage the natural eyelashes. When applying a drop of eyelash glue to an extension, always work carefully. There is a difference in creating classic lash looks and volume lash looks. With classic eyelashes, you should always dip your hand into the glue with a 45-degree hand movement. Volume lashes should be dipped with a 90 degree hand motion. Also check the humidity in the studio. The required humidity in the room should be indicated on the sticker. The eyelash glue can work best in the best humidity. With the right amount of glue, the right hand motion, and the right level of humidity, you can't go wrong.


It is impossible to explain in just one text how eyelash extensions are applied. It takes a long time to understand the process. We recommend attending a training session to learn and understand how the process really works. If you dream of your own business or want to improve your skills, visit our Lash Academy. With us you will become one of the best eyelash stylists in your city.

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