The Kylie Jenner eyelash extension effect: This is how it works!

A new trend in the eyelash extension sky: Expressive and bright Kylie eyelashes are high on the list of new eyelash trends. Eyelash stylists around the world call this effect one of the best options to enhance the natural beauty of the look. Without sacrificing the natural appearance.

What is special about Kylie Jenner eyelashes and who is this technique suitable for?

Here you can find out everything about the new Kylie Jenner eyelash extension effect.

This is how you create the Kylie Jenner eyelash extension effect

Kylie Jenner is a prominent personality in the beauty industry. She has launched her own cosmetic line and is inventing new trends in the beauty industry. This time it's about the special effect of synthetic eyelash extensions. The eyelash look is long, curvy and refined with a seductive curl. The extensions look absolutely natural at the same time.

Instructions for the Kylie eyelash effect

The lash line is more natural, lively and airy than a very thick, perfectly even lash line.

This look involves adding separate unopened or minimally opened lash fans to the eyelash extensions. The individual compartments are glued to the natural eyelashes at small intervals. Not every eyelash is covered.

In addition, you have to work with different eyelash extension lengths and the fans should be at least 2 mm longer than the main extension. This ensures the most natural result possible.

kylie jenner eyelash extensions

The selection of eyelash extensions (length, thickness, curl, volume) are selected taking into account the desired result and the condition of the client's natural eyelashes.

Which material is suitable for Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions?

For Kylie eyelashes, we recommend mink and cashmere lashes. You can find the individual eyelash extensions in our shop .

kylie extensions

Which colors are suitable for Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions?

The color of eyelash extensions can be any - standard black and brown tones, as well as blue, red, green, etc. are available in the Kylie effect.

Which techniques are suitable for Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions?

Kylie eyelashes are often created using the 2D and 3D eyelash technique. These techniques are combined with the Fox eyelash style. This creates the most natural effect possible. The look is emphasized and the eyes are opened without sacrificing naturalness. After the treatment, there is no impression that the eyes are overloaded with heavy eyelashes.

Who is Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions suitable for?

So who should take a closer look at Kylie's trendy lash effect? The special eyelash look suits most women and that is one of its main advantages. This is because this effect provides an expressive and at the same time natural result. This almost always produces wonderful results.

Eye shapes: Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions look

  • In women with almond-shaped eyes. Kylie eyelashes beautifully emphasize the flawless shape and add depth to the look.

  • In women with round, large eyes. By gently emphasizing the outer corners of the eyes, the eyes become longer and their shape approaches the ideal almond shape.

  • In women with small and narrow eyes. This extension helps to correct the small distance between the inner corners of the eyes, open the eyes and visually enlarge the eyes.

Who is not suitable for Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions?

Women with sparse, thin and large gaps in the lash line are not suitable for this lash look. A slightly sloppy Kylie effect can accentuate imperfections. Therefore, it is better to choose another technique. At least the customer should subject their eyelashes to a treatment. After restoring your natural eyelashes, you can then talk to a professional eyelash stylist about the options for Kylie Jenner eyelash extensions.

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