What are permanent eyelash extensions?

Do you want a long-lasting eyelash look? Then permanent eyelash extensions are just what you need. In this beauty treatment, artificial eyelash extensions are applied to the natural eyelashes to give them more length, volume and definition. In contrast to temporary methods such as mascara or false eyelashes, permanent eyelash extensions last for several weeks.

Why you should only have permanent eyelash extensions done by an eyelash stylist

Permanent eyelash extensions require the expertise and experience of a professional eyelash stylist. It is important to emphasize that such treatment should only be carried out by an expert. Here are some reasons why you should always go to a professional for eyelash extensions:

  • Expertise: A professional eyelash stylist has extensive knowledge of the various eyelash extension techniques. They know how to attach the eyelash extensions safely and precisely in order to achieve a beautiful and long-lasting result.

  • Hygiene and safety: A professional eyelash stylist ensures that all necessary hygiene standards are observed. They use quality products and sterilized tools to avoid possible infection or irritation. Your safety and that of your customers come first.

  • Individual consultation: An experienced eyelash stylist will conduct an individual consultation before the treatment. They will analyze the condition of your natural eyelashes, discuss your wishes and preferences, and give you recommendations on what type of eyelash extensions suit you best. This gives you a tailor-made result that emphasizes your natural beauty.

  • Long-term care and aftercare: A professional eyelash stylist will also give you instructions on how to properly care for your eyelash extensions. They will explain how you should clean and care for your eyelashes to ensure their durability and health. If you have any questions or problems, they are also available for professional aftercare.

The different techniques of permanent eyelash extensions

As a professional eyelash stylist, you want to make sure you master different techniques to meet the needs of your clients. The two most common techniques for permanent eyelash lengthening are the individual technique and the volume technique.

single techniquevolume technique

  1. Single technique: With the single technique, you apply a single artificial eyelash extension to a natural eyelash. This allows precise adjustment of the length, thickness and curvature of the eyelash extension. The single technique creates a natural look and is particularly suitable for clients who want a more subtle result.

  2. Volume technique: The volume technique is an advanced method in which you apply several ultra-fine eyelash extensions to one natural eyelash. This technique gives you a fuller and more voluminous result. The volume technique is ideal for clients who want a more dramatic and glamorous look.

The benefits of permanent eyelash extensions

Long-lasting result

In contrast to temporary eyelash solutions, permanent eyelash extensions offer a long-lasting result of several weeks. This means your clients can enjoy their beautiful lash look without the daily application of mascara or false lashes.

time saving

With permanent eyelash extensions, your customers save valuable time when putting on their make-up. There is no need to apply mascara in the morning, as the eyelash extensions already provide a voluminous and seductive effect.

Natural looking

Professionally applied lash extensions can create a natural look that enhances your client's natural lashes without looking overdone or artificial. The eyelash extensions are carefully applied to the natural eyelashes to achieve a seamless transition.

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permanent eyelash extensions

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Why you should choose Conny Lashes

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  • Diverse selection: In our online shop you will find a wide range of eyelash extensions in different lengths, thicknesses and curls. This allows you to customize the perfect look for each client.

  • Easy ordering: Shopping at Conny Lashes is easy and uncomplicated. You can conveniently order online and have your desired eyelash extensions delivered directly to you.

  • Reliable customer service: Our customer service is available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We support you in choosing the right products and offer you professional advice.

At Conny Lashes you will find the best eyelash extensions for your work. Order today and see the outstanding quality of our products for yourself. Your customers will be delighted and will remain loyal to you. Trust Conny Lashes for permanent eyelash extensions that are professional, easy and hassle-free.

Permanent eyelash extensions for a breathtaking eyelash look

permanent eyelash extensions

As a professional eyelash stylist, you want to give your clients the best possible experience. With permanent eyelash extensions, you can give them a long-lasting and impressive eyelash look. Master the various techniques such as the single technique and the volume technique to create individual looks.

Remember that permanent eyelash extensions are an investment in your beauty and confidence. Always choose a professional eyelash stylist to get the best results and enjoy a stunning eyelash look.

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