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If you are an eyelash stylist and looking for high-quality eyelash products, then you should definitely buy the M Curl Lashes from Conny Lashes. We are a renowned supplier of eyelash products and offer a wide range of M Curl eyelash extensions in various lengths and thicknesses.

What are M Curl Lashes?

The M Curl Lashes by Conny Lashes are characterized by their unique shape. Unlike other extensions, they are curved in an M-shape that creates a beautiful natural arc. This arch gives the lashes a natural yet dramatic appeal and makes the client's eyes appear larger and brighter.


M Curl Lashes are a popular choice among eyelash stylists as they offer a variety of benefits. Here are some of the key benefits:


M Curl Lashes are made of high quality synthetic material that is durable and resistant. They last longer than traditional eyelashes and need to be replaced less often.

Less weight

The lightweight material of the M Curl Lashes makes them feel less heavy on the eyes, making them more comfortable for clients to wear.

More flexibility

The M Curl Lashes have more flexibility than other curves, which means they can better conform to the natural shape of the eyes. This ensures a natural and seamless appearance.


M Curl Lashes come in different lengths, strengths so you can customize them for each client and create a unique look.

Overall, M Curl Eyelash Extensions offer an excellent combination of natural beauty and longevity. If you are an eyelash stylist and you are looking for a special curl, then you should definitely consider M Curl eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extension styles

Conny Lashes' M Curl Lashes are suitable for a variety of lash styles, ranging from natural to dramatic looks. The natural M curl gives the lashes a nice, gentle curve that goes perfectly with a natural look. Here are some of the best lash styles you can create with M Curl Eyelash Extensions:

Natural look

With M Curl Lashes, you can create a natural look that brings out the natural beauty of your client's lashes. Simply choose a length and thickness that suits your client's natural lashes and apply the lashes in a gentle curve. The result is a beautiful yet understated look that still makes a difference.

Cat eye look

The cat eye look is a popular choice with many clients who prefer a more dramatic lash style. Use the M Curl Lashes to add volume and length to the outer lashes to create the cat eye effect.

Wispy look

The wispy look is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular. It gives the lashes a feathery, fluttering effect and is great for clients who want a unique yet subtle look. Use different lengths and thicknesses of the M Curl Lashes to create the wispy effect.

Doll eye look

The doll eye look is a cute, playful look that makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. Use the M Curl Lashes to give your client's lashes a soft, sweeping curve and open eyes.

Glamor look

The glamorous look is perfect for clients who want an eye-catching and dramatic lash style. Use the M Curl Lashes in a longer and thicker version to add volume and length to the lashes. This look is ideal for special occasions like weddings or evening events.

Conny Lashes' M Curl Eyelash Extensions are versatile and can be incorporated into a variety of eyelash styles. They're soft, flexible, and easy to apply, so you can give your clients a stunning lash curl that perfectly suits their individual style and personality.


Conny Lashes uses only the best materials and technology in the manufacture of its M Curl Lashes. Each lash is carefully inspected to ensure it meets Conny Lashes' high quality standards. The lashes are hypoallergenic, vegan and not tested on animals, so they are also suitable for customers with sensitive skin.

When you order from Conny Lashes, you can be sure that you are getting high-quality eyelash products made by experts. The eyelashes are delivered quickly and are in perfect condition, so you can start using them immediately.


  • Conny Lashes M Curl Lashes are available in different lengths and thicknesses to suit every client. They are soft, flexible and last a long time without fading or cracking. They offer a natural look that perfectly complements the client's natural lashes, giving them a confident and radiant look.

  • The short base of the M Curl lashes combined with the strong curl helps lift even the straightest natural lashes.

  • The shape of the M Curl lashes makes it possible to lift even the most stubborn natural lashes.

  • They are perfect for Russian volume lashes. They can be easily fanned out and conceal any droopy eyelids.

  • Another important feature of the Conny Lashes M Curl eyelash extensions is that they are easy to stick on. With a good quality eyelash glue and a little practice, eyelash stylists can apply the M Curl Lashes quickly and easily.

Buy M Curl Lashes

Overall, there is no better place to buy M Curl Lashes than from Conny Lashes. Here you will find a large selection of high-quality eyelash products that have been specially developed for eyelash stylists.

The eyelashes are made of high quality synthetic material, which is soft, lightweight and comfortable to wear. They have also been treated with a special formula that protects the lashes from deformation and makes them last longer.

In addition to the M Curl eyelash extensions, Conny Lashes also offers a wide range of other eyelash products, including glue, tweezers and accessories. These products are perfectly coordinated and ensure a professional result.

In addition, Conny Lashes offers fast delivery and excellent customer service. If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact the customer service team who will be happy to help you.

Conny Lashes is a trusted brand in the eyelash industry and has a long history. If you are looking for the best M Curl Lashes, then our eyelash extensions shop is the perfect choice. Order now and give your customers a stunning lash curl!

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