About Conny Lashes

She is a master and certified eyelash artist, trainer and the founder of Conny Lashes. She was born and raised in Austria and currently lives in Salzburg. Conny started her career in the beauty industry as a make-up artist. She started using lashes more than ten years ago and it was love at first sight. Passion, enthusiasm, innovation and professionalism are the words she lives and strives for every day. The word "passion" stands for the basic values and is the DNA of Conny Lashes. Regardless of the technique - voluminous eyelashes, light volume eyelashes, Russian eyelashes, hybrid eyelashes, eyelash lifting or eyebrow lifting - Conny Lashes passes on all her experience, knowledge and secrets in her eyelash courses at the academy. She passes all her knowledge on to her students. Her goal is to inspire other artists around the world to achieve their goals, build an eyelash salon and become successful. Your greatest reward is helping people and making them feel fulfilled in their endeavors.

Conny Lashes: Frau mit Wimpern-Extensions