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Cashmere eyelash extensions are one of the latest innovations in eyelash extensions. They are considered the Ferrari among the various materials. The great popularity is justified, because these eyelashes are made of high quality material. It is soft and comfortable against the skin and offers a luxurious feel.

In the following sections you will find out what advantages they offer, what they consist of and how they are manufactured for our online shop.

The benefits of cashmere eyelash extensions

Compared to other types of eyelash extensions, cashmere eyelash extensions have many advantages, which we will now detail:

Lightweight and comfortable to wear

One of the biggest advantages of cashmere eyelash extensions is that they are extremely lightweight and comfortable on the eyes. In contrast to other types of eyelash extensions, cashmere eyelashes are so pleasantly light that you can hardly feel them.

Therefore, they are suitable for almost every everyday situation - regardless of whether your customers go to the gym, stroll through the city center or relax in the evening in front of the TV.


Our cashmere eyelash extensions are made from high quality material that is hypoallergenic making it ideal for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Long durability

Cashmere eyelash extensions can last a long time before needing refills. This makes them ideal for clients looking for a long lasting lash solution.

Your customers don't have to worry about their eyelashes becoming irritated. You hardly feel the soft cashmere synthetic hair when you wear it.

Natural Look

Cashmere eyelash extensions have a natural look that is difficult to achieve with other types of eyelash extensions. They are ideal for clients who want to enhance their natural beauty without looking overdone.

You can therefore also wear the lashes in everyday matters, as they always look perfect.


Cashmere lashes are available in a variety of lengths, thicknesses and curves to create a variety of styles and looks. From a natural and understated look to a dramatic and glamorous look, these lashes are perfect for any occasion.

They can be used on different eye shapes and sizes and are easily adjusted to meet your client's individual needs and preferences.

Easy care

Cashmere eyelash extensions are also easy to care for and can be cleaned with a simple cleaning routine to prolong their life.

Your customers don't have to worry about damaging their eyelashes when grooming them because we make them from high-quality materials.

Safe eyelash extensions

Cashmere lashes are also a great way to lengthen and thicken your clients' natural lashes without damaging your own lashes.

Unlike other types of eyelash extensions, the fine cashmere lashes stay long and secure on natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension Techniques

Synthetic cashmere eyelash extensions can be applied with different eyelash extension techniques depending on the client's needs and preferences as well as the experience of the eyelash stylist. Some of the most common techniques that can be used with cashmere eyelash extensions are:

  • Volume Technique: This technique uses multiple synthetic lashes to create a more voluminous and dramatic look. It works well for clients who prefer a stronger look.

  • Hybrid Technique: This technique combines individual lash extensions and volume lash extensions to achieve a look somewhere between a natural and a dramatic look.

  • Mega Volume Technique: This technique uses even more cashmere lashes than the volume technique to create an extra dramatic look. It works well for clients who prefer a very dramatic look.

It is important that the eyelash stylist chooses the right technique for the client and performs the application of the cashmere eyelash extensions safely and correctly.


We have been in the field of eyelash extensions for over 10 years and have therefore been working with trustworthy and experienced professionals for many years.

We maintain strict contracts and each product undergoes multiple tests in order to be able to guarantee skin compatibility.

To ensure our cashmere eyelash extensions are of the highest quality, we only use the finest materials and technology in their manufacture. Our eyelashes are made of high-quality synthetics and are handcrafted by experienced experts.

During production, the synthetic hair is heated to up to 120 degrees for around 60 minutes. Then the cashmere eyelashes get their shape by being bent into an individual curl.

The curved extensions are then attached to an adhesive strip and placed in rows of 16 in an eyelash box.

Before sending, we check each package for its content and quality so that we can also be sure that you are satisfied with your purchase.


Our eyelashes contain no organic substances and are therefore cruelty-free and 100% vegan. The individual components ensure that the individual eyelashes are robust and long-lasting.

The quality of synthetic cashmere eyelashes can hardly be distinguished from real natural eyelashes.

The best cashmere eyelash extensions

Eyelash stylists all over the world appreciate the lightness, softness and perfect shine of our cashmere extensions. They are the expression of luxury and, so to speak, the "Ferrari" among the various eyelash materials.

Our cashmere eyelash extensions are also popular for their versatility. They can be used with different eye shapes and sizes and are extremely adaptable to meet individual needs and preferences.

Whether it's short and natural lashes or long and dramatic lashes, our cashmere eyelash extensions can be customized for any look.

In addition, our cashmere eyelashes are 70% lighter than conventional eyelash extensions.

The lighter weight of cashmere eyelashes means significantly more relaxation when wearing them and more security for the natural eyelashes.

Buy cashmere eyelash extensions

Thanks to their high quality and longevity, our cashmere eyelash extensions are ideal for a large number of customers. Whether sport, office, everyday life or a special event - eyelashes made of cashmere are always the best solution.

Since they are available in different lengths, thicknesses and curls, you as an eyelash stylist can individually select the perfect choice for each client and thus achieve a perfect result.

With our special cashmere eyelashes you can offer your customers a first-class experience. Help them boost their confidence by giving them a glamorous and natural look.

If you want to buy cashmere eyelash extensions that deliver an excellent result, then our high-quality products are the perfect choice for you and your customers.

If you have further questions about our eyelash products in our online shop, we are at your disposal.

We wish you lots of fun shopping our products and an unforgettable experience with our cashmere eyelash extensions!

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