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Sometimes eyelash extensions need to be removed for various reasons. A glue remover for eyelash extensions will help with the removal. The product is a necessity for any professional eyelash stylist for several reasons.

What is eyelash extension glue remover?

An eyelash extension glue remover is a specially formulated product that is used to dissolve the glue on the eyelash extensions and make it easier to remove the false eyelashes.

Most eyelash extension glue removers are made from a mixture of solvents that soften and loosen the glue so that the synthetic hairs can be gently and safely removed without damaging the natural lashes.

A glue remover for eyelash extensions should be used by an experienced eyelash stylist as it can remove the eyelashes depending on the type of glue used and the individual needs of the client. It is important that the glue remover is safe and effective and does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Cream remover or Gel remover

When it comes to safely removing false eyelashes, there are a number of options. The two most common methods are using Cream Remover and Gel Remover. Both options are effective, but there are some important differences to be aware of.

Cream remover

Cream Remover is a cream-based formula that is applied to eyelash extensions and left on for a period of time to dissolve the adhesive. Cream Remover is very effective and can remove eyelash extensions in a short time. However, it can cause unpleasant reactions in sensitive skin or eyes. It is therefore important to apply the eyelash extension glue remover carefully and to ensure that it does not get into the eyes.

Gel remover

Gel Remover is a gel-based formula that is also applied to eyelash extensions. In contrast to Cream Remover, however, Gel Remover is less strong and requires a longer exposure time. Gel Remover is a gentler option, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin or eyes. However, it is important to note that Gel Remover may require more time to fully remove the eyelash extensions.

Regardless of which method you choose, it is important that the eyelash extensions are removed safely and gently with an adhesive remover.

It is important to emphasize that removing eyelash extensions is a precise and careful task. It takes patience and finesse to safely remove the false eyelashes without damaging the natural eyelashes.

Removal should always be performed by a professional eyelash stylist.

When do eyelash extensions need to be removed?

Many factors can cause allergic reactions to eyelash extensions. They can manifest themselves in different ways in the form of redness and swelling of the eyelid.

Is there an irritation or allergy?

An eyelash stylist must know how to deal with such situations professionally. A solution should be found quickly. When it comes to removing false eyelashes, you need an eyelash extension glue remover you can always rely on. It should be gentle and not irritate customers' eyes. Otherwise there may be further complications.

When can irritation and allergies occur?

Irritation and allergies can occur under several circumstances:

Medical patch

Many people have an allergy to plasters or medical tape and are not even aware of it. Since the skin around the eyes is very sensitive, an allergy may occur when sticking the medicated plaster. There is usually swelling and redness in the entire eye area.

Irritation of the eyelid

Eyelash extensions can irritate the eyelid. Customers with sensitive skin are often prone to irritation. If the extensions are applied too close or directly to the eyelid, they can cause swelling, redness, and itching.


One of the most common causes of allergy is cyanoacrylate. The substance is an important component for the durability of the eyelash glue. As a rule, an allergy manifests itself in the form of a swollen, red, itchy lash line. An allergy to cyanoacrylate can occur at any time, even if the customer has been spared from it for years.

A patch test can rule out the risk of an allergic reaction to the ingredient. Otherwise, artificial eyelashes should be removed as soon as possible with our gentle glue remover for eyelash extensions.


Sensitive customers often react to the eyelash glue during the treatment. The eye must be completely closed during the application. Otherwise, adhesive fumes can enter the eye and irritate the cornea. This irritation is visible in the form of reddened veins below the lens.

Eye pad

The eye pad can also irritate when attaching extensions. If it is not properly placed in the eyelids, it can cause irritation.


Skin diseases such as eczema or rosacea can also occur with eyelash extensions. They are characterized by symptoms such as swelling, itching or redness. With all of these points, it is important to act quickly. If the extensions need to be removed immediately, we recommend an eyelash extension glue remover.

Have eyelash extensions removed by a professional

There are several reasons why it is advisable to have eyelash extensions removed by an eyelash stylist:

  • Experience and expertise: A professional eyelash stylist has extensive experience and expertise in the removal of eyelash extensions. They know which products are best and how to use them safely to remove extensions without damage.

  • Protection of the natural eyelashes: Eyelash extensions are attached to the natural eyelashes with special adhesives. Improper removal can cause damage to the natural lashes, especially if the extensions are removed with too much force or without the right tools. An experienced eyelash stylist knows how to gently and gently remove the extensions with an eyelash extension glue remover. The natural eyelashes must always be protected.

  • Use of professional products: An eyelash stylist typically uses professional products that are specifically designed for removing eyelash extensions. These products are usually safer and more effective than home remedies or products available at drugstores.

  • Avoiding eye and skin irritation: Improper use of removal agents can cause eye and skin irritation. An eyelash stylist knows how to use products safely and accurately to minimize these risks.

Overall, eyelash extensions should be removed by a professional eyelash stylist. The natural lashes must be protected to minimize the risk of injury or damage.


As an eyelash stylist, there are a few steps one should follow to safely and effectively use glue remover on eyelash extensions:

  • Protect the client's eyes and skin: Before you begin applying the eyelash extensions adhesive remover, it is important to protect the client's eyes and skin with eye pads. This will prevent the remover from getting in your eyes or on your skin.

  • Apply the glue remover: Carefully and evenly apply the glue remover to the eyelash extensions. You can use an applicator or a microbrush to apply the eyelash extension glue remover. Be careful not to apply the remover to the skin or eyelids.

  • Allow the eyelash remover to work: Depending on the manufacturer's instructions and the type of adhesive used, allow the eyelash remover to work for a few minutes. The eyelash remover dissolves the glue so that the eyelash extensions can be removed more easily.

  • Remove the eyelash extensions: After the liquid has taken effect, you can carefully remove the eyelash extensions with tweezers or a micro brush. Be sure to gently loosen the lashes to avoid damaging the natural lashes.

  • Clean the eyelashes: After all eyelash extensions have been removed, you should clean the eyelashes thoroughly and remove the residue of the remover. Use an eyelash shampoo and a washing brush.

It is important to follow the eyelash extension adhesive remover manufacturer's instructions and ensure application is careful and precise.

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