Baby shampoo for eyelash extensions? what you need to know

You want to take proper care of your eyelash extensions and are wondering if baby shampoo is a good option? In this article you will learn everything you need to know about using baby shampoo for your eyelash extensions. We will discuss the pros and cons and also introduce you to an alternative solution that is specifically designed to take care of eyelash extensions.

The benefits of baby shampoo for eyelash lengthening

  • Gentle formula: Baby shampoos have been developed for sensitive baby skin, so they are also gentle on the eyelashes. The mild formula can help keep your eyelash extensions from becoming irritated or damaged.

  • No Harsh Ingredients: Baby shampoos are typically free of harsh chemical ingredients that could interfere with the bonding of the eyelash glue. This reduces the chance that your eyelash extensions will fall out prematurely.

The disadvantages of baby shampoo for eyelash extensions

  • Not pH neutral : Baby shampoos usually have a higher pH than special eyelash shampoos. However, pH plays an important role in maintaining the durability and appearance of your eyelash extensions. A shampoo that is not pH-neutral could weaken the bonding of the eyelash glue and lead to premature failure of the eyelash extensions.

  • Not tailored to the needs of eyelash extensions : Baby shampoos are not specifically designed to clean eyelash extensions. You may not be able to clean thoroughly enough or remove all the residue of makeup, oil and dirt that builds up throughout the day.

The alternative: Special eyelash shampoo for optimal care

  • pH-neutral formula: Special eyelash shampoos like that from Conny Lashes are pH-neutral, which means that they support the natural pH value of the eyelash skin. This makes the eyelash extensions last longer and look better.

  • Effective cleaning: Special eyelash shampoos are specially tailored to the needs of eyelash extensions and can effectively remove make-up, oil and dirt. This will keep your eyelash extensions clean and residue-free.

  • Nourishing ingredients: Special eyelash shampoos often contain nourishing ingredients that can keep your eyelash extensions supple and prevent them from drying out.

Gentle cleaning and care for your eyelash extensions

  • Formula and ingredients: Conny Lashes eyelash shampoo was specially developed for the gentle cleaning of eyelash extensions. The formula is gentle and free from harsh ingredients that could damage your eyelash extensions. In contrast, baby shampoo for eyelash extensions often contains additives and fragrances that can cause irritation.

  • PH-neutral formula: Conny Lashes eyelash shampoo has a pH value that is specially tailored to the sensitive area around the eyes. This will ensure that your eyelash extensions are not affected by an overly acidic or alkaline environment. Baby shampoos often have a higher pH level, which is not ideal for caring for eyelash extensions.

Effective removal of make-up and residues

baby shampoo eyelash extensions

  • Thorough cleaning: Conny Lashes eyelash shampoo effectively removes make-up, dirt and oily residue from your eyelash extensions. The special formula ensures gentle but thorough cleaning without affecting the binding of the eyelash glue. Eyelash extension baby shampoo, on the other hand, may not be strong enough to remove stubborn makeup residue.

  • Extension of durability: Regular cleaning with Conny Lashes eyelash shampoo extends the durability of your eyelash extensions. The gentle cleaning removes impurities and prevents the accumulation of dirt that could lead to premature detachment of the eyelash extensions. Eyelash extension baby shampoo may not offer the same effectiveness in removing residue.

Targeted care and maintenance of eyelash extensions

Moisturizing effect

Conny Lashes eyelash shampoo contains nourishing ingredients that moisturize your eyelash extensions and maintain their flexibility. This keeps them supple and resistant to breakage. Eyelash extension baby shampoo may not provide the same level of moisturizing care.

Baby shampoo for eyelash lengthening vs eyelash shampoo

Although eyelash lengthening baby shampoo can be gentle on lash skin, it may not be the best maintenance option. A special eyelash shampoo offers a pH-neutral formula, effective cleaning and nourishing ingredients that are specially tailored to the needs of eyelash extensions.

If you want the best for your eyelash extensions, you should consider Conny Lashes' special eyelash shampoo. It will optimally care for your eyelash extensions and extend their durability.

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