Micro brush for eyelashes: what you need to know!

An eyelash stylist needs many small tools for their daily work. One of these is the micro brush for eyelashes. You can find out exactly what it is, what advantages it has and how to use it only here.

What is a micro eyelash brush?

A micro brush for eyelashes is an important tool with a special soft tip. It is used to remove extensions and apply liquids. Thanks to the soft material, it is gentle on the eyelashes. Although a micro brush does not look very important at first glance, it is used by all professional stylists. This is because the fine tool makes all eyelash extension and eyelash lifting work easier.

Benefits of a micro brush for eyelashes

The advantages of the micro bust are manifold. We have summarized the most important advantages here:

  • With the lash applicator you can apply different liquids very precisely.

  • The fine tip means much less liquid is wasted than with a cotton swab, for example.

  • The micro brush for eyelashes allows you to work quickly without much effort.

  • Hard-to-reach areas can be treated easily.

  • The brush is light and compact.

  • The disposable tool is always hygienic.

  • The fine and precise tip means much less cosmetics are wasted during application.

  • Each individual hair can be separated effortlessly without leaving any lint on the eyelashes.

  • Micro brushes for eyelashes speed up the work of eyelash stylists extremely.

What are micro brushes particularly useful for?

  • The small brushes remove excessive amounts of glue, primer, makeup and other substances.

  • During eyelash extensions, the eyelashes are thoroughly cleaned.

  • Micro eyelash brushes are particularly useful for removing clients’ extensions.

  • The brushes help in correcting eyelash extensions.

  • They are very useful for eyelash lifting. Every eyelash stylist should have this tool in their salon.

Sizes and types of micro brushes

  1. Small brushes with a tip size of up to 1.5 mm are ideal for separating and removing eyelashes.

  2. Medium-sized micro brushes with a tip size of up to 2 mm are considered universal. They are particularly suitable for priming, touching up and tinting eyelashes.

  3. Large micro brushes with a tip size of up to 2.5 mm are used for degreasing and applying eyelash dye. The large tips absorb a lot of liquid and are ideal for removing mascara.

Professional tips for using micro brushes for eyelashes

  • Before using a brush, the eyelashes must be completely free of oils and makeup.

  • Apply a small amount of liquid to the tip and spread it evenly over the entire length of the lashes. It is important not to apply too much liquid to the head to avoid clumping the lashes together.

  • When using, make sure that the tool does not come into contact with the skin around the eyes and mucous membranes. This will help avoid allergic reactions.

  • Do not touch the upper part of the brush with your hands.

Where can I buy a micro brush for eyelashes?

Using an eyelash brush is an effective way to apply cosmetics and work with eyelashes. Applicators must be made of high-quality materials - this is a guarantee of successful treatment. You can order very good micro brushes for eyelashes directly from our eyelash online shop. You can find the product here.

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