How does eyelash corner extension work?

One can brighten the look, highlight the natural beauty of the eyes and even correct minor imperfections in shape and fit. Eyelash corner extensions are a great method. We reveal who the procedure is suitable for, what effect it brings and how it differs from other eyelash extension techniques.

Scheme of eyelash corner extensions

The eyelash stylist works strictly according to a formula for eyelash extensions in the corners of the eyes. The eyelash stylist cleans and degreases the work area and applies protective hydrogel pads under the client's lower eyelids.

Then the stylist begins the extension, but does not fill the entire eyelash line with extensions, but only a part of it from the outer corner of the eye to the middle. In this case, the longest eyelash extensions are placed in the outer corner of the eye. Closer to the center of the eye, the length gradually decreases and practically matches the length of the natural eyelashes.


The eyelash stylist individually selects the length, thickness and curl of the synthetic eyelashes. The focus is on the original length, thickness and density of the customer's natural eyelashes and their condition and growth characteristics.

What techniques are used to extend eyelash corners?

Eyelash corner extensions can be done in a natural effect or fox eye effect.

What eye shapes is it suitable for?

We recommend eyelash corner extensions for the following eye shapes:

  • For round or prominent eyes - careful emphasis on the outer corners of the eyes visually lengthens the eyes and brings their shape closer to the ideal almond shape.

  • If your eyes are narrow, you can visually increase the distance between the eyes by emphasizing the outer corners of the eyes.

  • Customers with the problem of drooping eyelids or drooping outer corners of the eyes.

  • For customers who want to lengthen synthetic eyelashes for the first time but are afraid of too bright an effect.

Additional effect of eyelash corner extension

In addition, eyelash extensions in the corners of the eyes can refresh everyday makeup or decorate an image for a photo shoot, video shoot or a party. Not only classic black and brown hair is used, but also colored eyelash extensions. In addition, it can be either colored corners of a single shade, or eyelashes with colored tip, multi-colored, ombre effect, etc.

Who is eyelash extension not suitable for?

This particular eyelash extension technique is not suitable for customers with almond-shaped eyes. Even a slight emphasis on the outer corners of the eyes can lead to an imbalance in the proportions and disrupt their harmony.

It is also not recommended to enlarge the corners of the eyes if the eyes are far apart - this will visually increase the already large distance between them.

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