Eyelash Extension Certification in Connecticut

The trend of eyelash extensions has become very popular. If you want to run your own salon as an eyelash expert, we'll explain how you can do that. With eyelash extension certification, you can make your dream come true in Connecticut. Follow the steps mentioned below in the article.


You need cosmetology or cosmetology license to get eyelash extension certificate. In the beauty industry, cosmetology is the broadest field that covers everything like hair styling, cosmetics, skin care and nails using natural methods and technologies.


To get eyelash extension certification in Connecticut, you must first complete a comprehensive cosmetology program and have at least 1500 hours of training. The program chosen, whether it leads to an associate degree or a certificate, must be offered by the cosmetology school that is approved by the Connecticut State Board of Education.


After completing the cosmetics program, you must pass the exams. To enroll, you must send an enrollment form to Prometric along with a $65 fee. After completing the registration, you will receive an acceptance letter with the exact location, date and time of the exam. You must present this acceptance letter on the day the exam is administered. All exams are conducted in the greater Hartford area.

To administer the exams in Connecticut, the Department of Health uses Prometric Inc., a 100 multiple-choice, closed-ended exam. You have two hours to complete this exam. To pass the exam you need at least 70 points. After taking the exam, Prometric will provide you with a score report within 10 business days.


In addition to completing the cosmetology program and cosmetology exam, you must also complete 9th grade. Now you can apply for the cosmetology license to get certified as an eyelash stylist in Connecticut. To do this, you must complete and submit an application with a fee of $100 to the Department of Health. You can also apply online. The test results must also be submitted to the department. After completing the process, you will receive your license.


The cosmetics license expires after two years from the date of issue. To renew the license, you need to fill out a renewal form and pay $100 as a fee. No further training is required for license renewal.


After your cosmetology license, you can train to become a certified eyelash stylist in Connecticut. There are many different training offers. You can benefit from each of them. Usually it is a one-day training program in which the trainers teach about the application of eyelash extensions. Eyelash extension trainings are available both physically and online.

Becoming an eyelash stylist is very difficult. But if you're ready, you sure can do it. Get the cosmetics license and take part in an eyelash extension training course. Then you are well on your way to becoming one of the pros in your city.

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