Eyelash extensions after 4 weeks: tips from the eyelash stylist

As an experienced eyelash stylist, it is my concern to offer you long-lasting and perfect-looking eyelash extensions. Regular refilling is a crucial step in maintaining the beautiful appearance of your lashes. In this article you will learn why and when you should refill your eyelash extensions after 4 weeks. I also give you valuable tips for long-lasting eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions after 4 weeks: when should you refill eyelash extensions?

After about 3-4 weeks, it's time to have your eyelash extensions refilled. During this period, some of the artificial eyelashes have fallen out as they are in the natural growth cycle.

Filling allows replacing the outgrown eyelashes with new ones and restoring the full look. By refilling regularly, you can ensure that your eyelash extensions always look fresh and voluminous.

Why refill eyelash extensions after 3-4 weeks?

There are several reasons why a regular refill of eyelash extensions after 4 weeks is recommended:

  • Maintaining the full look: Due to the natural growth cycle of your own eyelashes, some of the artificial eyelashes fall out after about 3-4 weeks. A fill allows to fill in the gaps and maintain the full look of the eyelash extensions.

  • Avoiding damage: If you wait too long to fill in, the leftover eyelash extensions may become tangled or grow in different directions. This can lead to damage and impair wearing comfort. Regular refills help keep lashes in a healthy condition.

  • Long-term cost savings: By refilling the eyelash extensions in good time after 4 weeks, you prevent too many artificial eyelashes from falling out and requiring a complete new application. This saves costs in the long term, since a complete new set is more expensive than regular refills.

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Eyelash extensions after 4 weeks: tips for long-lasting eyelash extensions

  • Avoid oily products: Oily products can weaken the glue and cause the eyelash extensions to fall out more quickly. Make sure you use oil-free makeup removers and skin care products.

  • Be careful when cleaning: gently cleanse your lashes with a special cleaning foam for eyelash extensions. Avoid strong rubbing or pulling to avoid premature lash fallout.

  • Avoid heat and humidity: Long, hot showers, visits to the sauna or swimming pool can affect the adhesive. Try to avoid direct contact with heat and moisture to increase the durability of the eyelash extensions.

  • Gentle on your lashes: Avoid rubbing or pulling on your lashes. You can comb them gently to get rid of tangles, but use a special eyelash brush to do this.

Eyelash extensions after 4 weeks: why a very good eyelash glue is crucial

This is why a high-quality glue is so important for eyelash extensions:

  • Long-lasting durability: A high-quality adhesive ensures that the eyelash extensions adhere securely and permanently to your natural eyelashes. It provides a strong bond and ensures longer extension life. This means you can still enjoy your eyelash extensions in the best condition after 4 weeks.

  • Safety for your natural lashes: A good eyelash extension glue is specially formulated to securely adhere to your natural lashes without damaging them. It should be hypoallergenic and not cause irritation or allergies. By using a high-quality glue, you minimize the risk of damage to your own lashes.

  • Flexibility and Comfort: A premium adhesive allows the eyelash extensions to move flexibly with your natural lashes. This makes them feel comfortable and doesn't detract from your wearing experience. A good glue will also ensure a natural look as the extensions will blend seamlessly with your own lashes.

  • Water resistance: A good quality glue is water resistant, so you can safely wear your eyelash extensions while showering, swimming or exercising. As a result, they remain firmly attached even after 4 weeks, even if they come into contact with water or sweat.

  • Professional Quality: A professional eyelash stylist will typically use high quality adhesives specifically designed for use in eyelash extensions. These adhesives have proven themselves in practice and offer the best results. It is therefore advisable to have your eyelash extensions done by an experienced eyelash stylist who uses high-quality products.

At Conny Lashes you can buy the best eyelash glue to ensure that the eyelash extensions still look good after 4 weeks. Our adhesives are high quality, hypoallergenic and provide a long lasting and secure bond.

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