Tips for self-employment as an eyelash stylist in Austria: training, trade, success

Working as an eyelash stylist in Austria requires specific training and certification. In this article you will learn how to become a certified professional eyelash stylist in Austria and what steps are necessary to start your own eyelash styling business.

Find an educational institution

The first step to becoming an eyelash stylist in Austria is to find a qualified training facility. There are many schools that offer eyelash extension courses, but it is important to choose a reputable and professional institution.

It is advisable to research reviews and experiences of other eyelash stylists to ensure the school is providing quality training.

With us you get a top eyelash extension training. We'll help you become a pro.

Choose the right training program

The training as an eyelash stylist in Austria usually includes several levels, from basic training to specialization in certain techniques or styles. It is important to choose the training program that suits your needs and goals.

If you're new to eyelash extensions, it's best to start with a basic course. If you are already advanced, you can specialize in special techniques such as Volume Lashes or Russian Lashes.

Complete the training program

Once you've selected the right training program, it's time to complete the training. With us, the basic training lasts 2 days.

It is important to stay focused during training and learn all the skills and techniques. Most schools also offer hands-on practice to ensure you get enough hands-on experience.


After completing the training, you will have to take a practical and theory test to demonstrate your skills and knowledge.

Most schools offer these exams as part of the training program. If you pass the exams, you will receive a certification as an eyelash stylist.

Completion of the certification process

Once you have completed the training and passed the exams, the final step in becoming a certified professional eyelash stylist in Austria is to apply for your trade license or trade license. This is an important legal requirement to run your business in Austria. For this you have to take an exam at the WKO. For further requirements, we recommend that you contact the Chamber of Commerce in your federal state.

Checklist for starting as an eyelash stylist in Austria

Once you have registered your business, we recommend the following checklist:

Equipment and Materials

In order to be successful as an eyelash stylist in Austria, you need high-quality equipment and materials. These include but are not limited to eyelash extension kits, adhesives, tweezers, eyelash brushes, and other tools. Make sure to only use quality products to get the best results for your customers. In our online shop you will find all the products you for successful work.

Marketing and branding

In order to build up your business as an eyelash stylist in Austria, it is important to build a strong brand and market it in a targeted manner. Think of a suitable logo and design a professional website on which you offer your services and prices. Also use social media channels like Instagram and Facebook to showcase your work and reach potential clients.

Build customer base

A successful career as an eyelash stylist in Austria depends heavily on a loyal customer base. Offer your customers excellent service and quality work to ensure their satisfaction and recommendation. Also use referral programs or discounts for new customers to attract new customers.

Further education and training

In order to stay up to date as an eyelash stylist in Austria and to be able to use innovative techniques, it is important to regularly educate yourself and continue your education. Attend training courses and seminars to learn new techniques and develop yourself further. In our training academy at Conny Lashes you can expand and perfect your knowledge.

Customer Care

Customer care is an important part of a successful eyelash stylist in Austria. Make your customers feel comfortable and comfortable with your work. They are your capital.

Start as an eyelash stylist in Austria

Finally, it is important to emphasize that training to become a professional eyelash stylist in Austria can be a worthwhile investment in your career.

It is also important that you familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations for operating an eyelash stylist business, including business registration requirements and tax duties. It can also be helpful to network with other eyelash stylists in the industry to benefit from their experience and advice.

In summary, training to become a professional eyelash stylist can be a worthy investment, giving you the skills to succeed in this growing industry. With hard work, commitment and the right training, you can start and expand your career as an eyelash stylist in Austria.

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