Which eyelash extensions material is the best?

As an experienced eyelash stylist, it is important to know about the different materials used for eyelash extensions. Here you can learn more about the different options available on the market:

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Eyelash Extensions Material: Synthetic eyelash extensions

Synthetic eyelash extensions are made from synthetic fibers such as PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). They are lightweight, flexible and offer a wide range of lengths, thicknesses and curvatures. Synthetic eyelash extensions are the most popular and widely used extensions due to their durability and natural look.

Eyelash Extensions Material: Silk Eyelash Extensions

Silk eyelash extensions are made from silk fibers and offer a soft and silky shine. They are lighter than synthetic extensions and work well for clients with thin natural lashes. Silk eyelash extensions have a natural flexibility and give the eyelashes an elegant look.

Eyelash Extensions Material: human hair eyelash extensions

Human hair eyelash extensions are made from human hair. They offer a particularly natural look and a soft texture. Human hair eyelash extensions can be colored and styled to meet customers' individual needs. However, they are more expensive than synthetic or silk extensions.

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Why are synthetic eyelash extensions the most popular?

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Among the different materials for eyelash extensions, synthetic extensions have proven to be the most popular option. Here are some reasons why:

  • Durability: Synthetic eyelash extensions are durable and will keep their shape for a longer period of time. They are resistant to moisture, heat and other external influences that could affect durability.

  • Natural Appearance: Synthetic extensions are designed to resemble natural lashes. They offer volume, length and definition without looking unnatural or artificial.

  • Allergy Friendly: Synthetic eyelash extensions are hypoallergenic and typically do not cause allergic reactions. This is especially important for customers with sensitive skin or allergies.

Why we only sell synthetic eyelash extensions

At Conny Lashes, we made a conscious decision to only offer synthetic eyelash extensions. Here are the reasons:

quality control

The best eyelash extensions material! By specializing in synthetic eyelash extensions, we can ensure strict quality control. Every single eyelash extension is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our high standards.

variety and choice

Synthetic eyelash extensions offer a wide range of styles, lengths and curvatures. Our customers have the opportunity to choose the perfect look for their individual needs and preferences.

customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays an important role in eyelash extensions material! The quality of our synthetic eyelash extensions has helped us earn the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Our customers value the durability, natural look and comfort of our products.

The love of our customers for the quality of our eyelash extensions

Our customers love the quality of our eyelash extensions for good reason. Here are some aspects that make our extensions stand out:

  • Craftsmanship: The special eyelash extensions material. Each eyelash extension is carefully crafted by skilled craftsmen. We value precision and the finest details to achieve a perfect result.

  • Lightweight and Comfortable: Our eyelash extensions are lightweight and comfortable to wear. They add volume and length to the lashes without weighing them down or being uncomfortable.

  • Ease of Use: Our extensions are easy to apply and allow for easy customization to match natural lashes. With proper maintenance and regular refills, clients can enjoy the look for a longer period of time.

Buy the best eyelash extensions material

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At Conny Lashes you will find high-quality synthetic eyelash extensions that give your customers a breathtaking look. Our products stand out for their durability, natural look and comfort. Order today in the Conny Lashes online shop and benefit from the best quality of eyelash extensions.

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