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Conny Lashes is your partner for professional eyelash extension supplies and eyelash courses. We have been working in the lash industry for more than ten years and know precisely what is essential when it comes to lash extension supplies. Our eyelash extension supplies are tested and approved by many lash experts around the world. As the satisfaction of our customers is extremely important, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure the best raw materials and accessories. We offer you high quality products and a wide selection at the best price because it is important to us. Our company is subject to strict contracts with our partners, that is why we guarantee you only the highest quality products for eyelash extensions.

Why we are the best eyelash extension supplier for you

For a lash artist, it's always imperative to have a full stock with excellent eyelash supplies. The worst thing that can happen to a lash artist is to run out of stock. No matter if a customer wants to buy an eyelash extension cleanser that is sold out, the eyelash holder got damaged, the lash tweezers are not closing properly, or the eyelash glue is down to the last drop. To show how much we love our customers, we offer a 10% special discount on each of our eyelash extension products 365 days a year. If you order a minimum of ten pieces per item, you will get an automatic 10% discount on this specific product. We also provide free shipping worldwide on all orders over 300 Euros no matter where in the world you live. It’s very important to have a reliable company that provides quality eyelash extension supplies. Each product gets checked for its quality before we send it out. We will deliver your eyelash extension products within 24 hours, and we also have a customer service that will help you with any questions you may have. Our company is built around providing what our customers need and delivering the eyelash extension supplies as fast as possible. As your eyelash extension supplier, we share the same passion – beautiful lashes!