5 qualities that a professional eyelash stylist must have

How can you be sure that eyelash extensions are done well? For a professional eyelash stylist, the following characteristics are important to take into account.


The eyelash stylist must be aware of the latest trends and innovations in the eyelash industry. Attend training courses regularly and improve your professional level. A good stylist presented these awards in his studio.

Communication skills

The eyelash stylist must be able to respond to the wishes and needs of the customers. Every customer requires individual advice. The stylist must easily answer all the client's questions and provide him with the necessary information about the eyelash extension procedure and eyelash care.


A successful eyelash stylist must create beautiful and harmonious images. He must be able to select the appropriate shape and length of eyelashes, taking into account the individual characteristics of the client's face and eyes. Only then can a perfect eyelash result be achieved.

Accurate working

Working with eyelash extensions requires technical skill and coordination. These skills need to be constantly practiced and developed.

Patience and perseverance

Eyelash extensions are a labor-intensive and tedious process. This requires attention to detail and precision. Nobody says working as an eyelash stylist is easy. The stylist must be ready to spend several hours in one position and concentrate on his work.

Typical mistakes made by an eyelash stylist

In the industry, the reputation of a beauty studio is very important. Here are some useful tips on how to avoid common eyelash extension mistakes:

  • As a newcomer to the eyelash industry, it is important to gain experience. If the work is done perfectly, then the money will come naturally. By practicing with free models, you can improve your skills and your own confidence. For example, you can find eyelash extension models on social media. As a rule, the model is then only billed for the material.

  • Beginning eyelash stylists often make the biggest mistake due to their lack of experience: they choose cheap material and carry out the work incorrectly or very imprecisely. To do a good job, it is important to only use high-quality work materials. In our online shop we only offer premium products for the best eyelash results. Skills need to be continually developed. This is the only way to become a professional.

  • Do you find a mistake in your work? Don't hesitate to repeat the improvement process until it is perfect. Even a small inaccuracy becomes noticeable after a week, so it is important to strive for the ideal result.

  • Don't schedule customers too close together. Even a 5 minute delay can throw your entire schedule into disarray. Unforeseen events can always occur. To avoid unpleasant situations, we recommend allowing 15 minutes between appointments. This means you can also take short toilet, coffee or water breaks in between.

  • Never buy eyelash extension material that is too cheap. Too cheap has a negative impact on the result. Poor quality eyelash glues often cause irritation and allergic reactions. We recommend the products in our eyelash extension shop. All products have been tested by experienced stylists and found to be excellent. With Conny Lashes products, your customers will enjoy their eyelash extensions for a long time.

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