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Are you looking for a breathtaking eyelash look that gives expression to your customers' eyes and sets the face perfectly in scene? Then we have just the thing for you: the LC Curl Lashes by Conny Lashes!

What are LC Curl Lashes?

They are artificial eyelashes that are handcrafted by professional manufactories. They are made of synthetic material and have a unique shape that perfectly complements natural lashes. The special curl ensures that the eyes appear larger and more open, making the gaze even more intense.

What are the benefits of LC Curl Lashes?

The LC Curl eyelashes have numerous advantages that make them a real must-have for all eyelash stylists. Here are some of the key benefits at a glance:

Natural look

The LC Curl Lashes look very natural and adapt perfectly to the customer's natural lashes.

Light and comfortable

The eyelashes are very light and comfortable to wear. Your clients won't even realize they're wearing eyelash extensions!


The LC Curl Lashes last a very long time and with proper care can be worn for up to six weeks before they have to be refilled by an eyelash stylist.


The lashes come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses so you can create exactly the look you want.

Simple application

The eyelashes can easily be applied by any professional eyelash stylist.

Eyelash styles

The LC Curl Lashes by Conny Lashes are versatile eyelash extensions that are suitable for a number of different eyelash styles. Here are some suggested lash styles you can achieve for your clients with LC Curl Lashes:

Natural look

LC Curl Lashes are great for creating a natural look. A subtle yet expressive look can be achieved by using eyelash extensions of various lengths and strengths.

Cat eye look

If your clients want a dramatic look, you should go for the cat-eye look. Here the LC Curl Lashes are left slightly longer on the outer corners of the eyes to create a cat-like effect.

Doll eye look

The doll eye look is perfect for women who prefer an innocent and sweet look. The eyelashes in the inner eye area are emphasized to give the eyes a rounded, doll-like effect.

Wing shape look

The wing shape is a look where the lashes are pulled up at the outer corners to give the eyes a feminine, alluring effect. LC Curl Lashes are great for this look as they have a strong curvature.

Natural glam look

If you want to achieve a glamorous look that still looks natural, you should opt for the natural glam look. Here, the eyelash extensions are used in different lengths and strengths to achieve an expressive, yet natural look.

In summary, the Conny Lashes LC Curl Eyelashes are versatile eyelash extensions that suit a variety of eyelash styles. Whether you prefer a natural look, a dramatic cat-eye look or a seductive wing shape look - with LC Curl Lashes you can easily achieve the look your clients want.

Why should LC Curl Lashes be applied by a professional eyelash stylist?

The LC Curl Lashes are a great option for anyone wanting a natural yet expressive lash look. However, they should only be applied by a professional eyelash stylist.

There are several reasons why you should have the extensions installed by a professional. One of the most important reasons is that the eyelash stylist has the necessary knowledge and experience to apply the eyelash extensions safely and effectively. Eyelash extensions, if applied incorrectly, can damage your natural eyelashes or even cause infection.

Another reason the LC Curl Lashes must be applied by a professional is so that the stylist is able to select the right size and shape of the extensions for the client's eye shape and lash structure. This is crucial to achieve a natural yet expressive look.

In addition, a professional eyelash stylist can also advise on what type of false eyelashes best suits your lifestyle and needs. For example, if someone exercises a lot or sweats a lot, the stylist may recommend choosing a specific type of eyelash extensions that last longer and are moisture resistant.

In addition to this, it is important that the LC Curl eyelashes are regularly maintained. A professional eyelash stylist can ensure eyelash extensions are regularly replenished and repaired to ensure they always look perfect.

How to care for the LC Curl Lashes?

So that your customers can enjoy the LC Curl Lashes for as long as possible, they should be professionally cared for. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid water and steam for the first 24 hours after application.

  • Don't use oily makeup removers or cleansers as they can dissolve the lash glue.

  • Comb the lashes regularly with an eyelash brush to keep them in shape.

  • Avoid pulling or rubbing the lashes as this can cause damage.

  • If you do sports or swim, it is best to wear safety goggles to protect the eyelashes from moisture.

With these simple tips, your clients can ensure their LC Curl Lashes last and always look perfect.

Eyelash techniques

The LC Curl Lashes by Conny Lashes are suitable for various eyelash techniques such as individual eyelash extensions or the volume technique. Thanks to their unique curl, they are ideal for those who want a natural yet expressive look. The extensions are available in different lengths and strengths, so that the perfect size can be chosen for every eye.

  • For the individual eyelash extensions, the individual extension is glued onto a natural eyelash. With the LC Curl eyelashes you can achieve a natural yet dramatic look, as the eyelash extensions match the natural eyelashes perfectly.

  • The LC Curl Lashes are also ideal for the volume technique, where multiple eyelash extensions are glued onto each natural lash to create a thicker and more voluminous look.

No matter what lash technique your client wants, Conny Lashes LC Curl lashes are a great option to accentuate their eyes and create a stunning look.

Buy LC Curl Lashes

There are many reasons why you can buy the best LC Curl Lashes from Conny Lashes. Here are some of them:

High quality

Conny Lashes is a well-known name in the eyelash extensions industry and stands for high quality and durability. Conny Lashes LC Curl Lashes are made from high quality materials that are safe and gentle on natural lashes.

Experience and expertise

Conny Lashes has been in the eyelash extensions industry for many years and has a wide range of experience and expertise. The company works with an experienced team of eyelash experts to ensure that every single eyelash extension is of the highest quality.

Wide selection

At Conny Lashes you will find a large selection of LC Curl Lashes in different lengths, thicknesses and curvatures. No matter what look your customers want - there is an LC Curl Lash variant that fits perfectly.

Customer service

Conny Lashes has excellent customer service that is always available if you have any questions or problems. Our company prides itself on keeping our customers happy and providing them with a superior buying experience.

Eyelash glue

Conny Lashes also offers a wide range of eyelash adhesives that are perfectly matched to the LC Curl eyelashes. These adhesives are safe and gentle on natural eyelashes and ensure that the eyelash extensions last long and do not fall off.

In summary, you can buy the best LC Curl Lashes from Conny Lashes because the company stands for high quality, experience, expertise, a wide selection and excellent customer service.

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