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Would you like to give your customers' eyes a radiant look and perfectly stage your eyelashes? Then you should definitely buy our L Curl Lashes! These unique eyelash extensions curve gently upwards for a beautiful and natural effect.

What are L Curl Lashes?

L Curl Lashes are a special type of eyelashes that are characterized by a gentle upward curve. Compared to traditional eyelashes, which are straight or slightly curved, the extensions have a stronger curve that gives the eyes an expressive and seductive look. L curl eyelashes are particularly popular with women who prefer a natural look that still emphasizes the eyes.

Eyelash techniques with L Curl Lashes

  • Our L Curl Lashes are perfect for the single lash technique, where individual lashes are glued onto each natural lash. This technique creates a natural look that subtly accentuates your eyes and highlights your natural beauty.

  • The L Curl Lashes can also be used in the volume technique where multiple lashes are glued onto each natural lash for a fuller look. In both cases, the L Curl eyelashes from Conny Lashes ensure a perfect look that emphasizes your customers' eyes and gives them a seductive look.

Why are Conny Lashes - L Curl Lashes the best choice?

The L Curl Lashes are the best choice when it comes to eyelash extensions. These eyelashes are of the highest quality and are made from the finest materials to ensure they are comfortable and safe to wear. Conny Lashes has a long experience in the field of eyelash extensions and has a wide range of eyelashes that are suitable for every look. The L Curl eyelashes are one of the most popular options as they offer a natural yet expressive look that is perfect for any occasion.

Benefits of L Curl Lashes

  • The flat base of the L Curl lashes provides a large and secure bond between the extension and the natural lash.

  • The unique curve makes the eyes appear larger and fresher.

  • The long and straight base combined with the curved tip of the extension easily adapts to downward growing natural lashes.

  • The eyelash extensions can be pulled off the strips quickly and easily and fan out with the eyelash tweezers.

  • L curl eyelashes create a natural-looking length and a perfect lash line.

  • The eyelashes are particularly suitable for customers with straight or downward-pointing natural eyelashes.

  • The incomparable wearing comfort lets the customers forget after a few hours that they are wearing eyelash extensions at all.

  • The long base of the extension ensures quick application by the eyelash stylist.

How long do L Curl Lashes last?

When properly cared for, Conny Lashes' L Curl Lashes can last up to six weeks before needing to be refilled. It is important not to rub or pull the lashes and not to expose them to oil or greasy products to maximize their durability. Regular eyelash care is also important to ensure lashes stay clean and healthy.


The production of L Curl Lashes requires very complex and precise work. It is a complex process that requires a lot of experience and expertise. Conny Lashes has a long experience in the eyelash industry and ensures that every single eyelash is of the highest quality.

The L Curl eyelashes are made of synthetic fibers made from special plastics. These fibers are very thin and light which means they look very natural when applied to the natural lashes. The synthetic fibers are formed into an eyelash curler and then soaked in a special solution to give it its distinctive L-shape.

The plastic fibers must then be carefully dried so that they retain their shape. After that, they are cut into various lengths and thicknesses to meet the needs of each customer. The lashes also need to be carefully inspected for quality to ensure they are free of imperfections or damage.

After the lashes have been cut and sorted, they are stored in special packaging to ensure they keep their shape. Each eyelash packaging is then carefully labeled and prepared for shipment.

There are many different factors that need to be considered when creating L Curl Lashes. From selecting the right materials to meticulous shaping and quality checking, everything has to be perfect to ensure every lash is of the highest quality. Conny Lashes relies on a high quality standard and ensures that every customer receives the best possible eyelash extensions.

How to care for L Curl Lashes?

Proper care is crucial to prolong the life of the L Curl Lashes. Here are some eyelash care tips:

  • Clean lashes regularly with a mild cleanser to remove dirt and oil.

  • Avoid using oil-based products as they can damage the lashes.

  • Gently comb the lashes with an eyelash brush to keep them clean and in shape.

  • Avoid rubbing or pulling the lashes as this can damage the extensions.

  • Avoid swimming or using saunas and steam rooms as this can reduce the durability of your lashes.

Buy the best L Curl Lashes online

If you are looking for the best L Curl Lashes on the market then you should definitely check out Conny Lashes. Conny Lashes has built an excellent reputation in the eyelash industry offering a wide range of eyelash products that are of the highest quality.

We have an experienced and talented team focused on providing the best L Curl lashes possible. We work hard to ensure each lash is of the highest quality and meets each customer's needs.

In addition, Conny Lashes only uses the best materials for your L Curl Lashes. We ensure each lash is made from synthetic fibers that are durable, lightweight and natural looking.

We also attach great importance to customer satisfaction and offer excellent customer support. Our team is available to answer your questions and concerns and will be happy to give you tips on how to care for your eyelashes.

In short, if you want to buy the best L Curl Lashes for your clients, then Conny Lashes is the right choice. We offer the highest quality, excellent customer service and a wide range of products to ensure your clients get the perfect lashes. Visit our eyelash extensions online shop and convince yourself of the quality.

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