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What woman doesn't want breathtaking eyelashes that last longer and look natural at the same time? Flat Lashes are exactly the right choice for your customers!

These innovative eyelash extensions are flatter and lighter than conventional eyelashes, giving them a particularly natural look.

They are therefore also perfect for any occasion - regardless of whether it's a dance evening with friends, a romantic dinner in a restaurant or a relaxed walk in nature. They give every look a very unusual touch.

They owe their natural appearance to their flat shape, which means they fit particularly closely to your own eyelashes.

Flat lashes are currently one of the latest developments in the field of eyelash extensions. They were specially developed to meet the need for a natural yet elegant eyelash look.

What are Flat Lashes?

Flat Lashes are special artificial eyelash extensions that are flat and wider than traditional eyelash extensions. Unlike traditional eyelash extensions, which are round, flat lashes are flat at the base and maintain their shape at the tip as well.

This creates a lash look with more volume and definition.

The advantages of Flat Lashes

Flat eyelashes have numerous advantages over classic eyelash extensions, which we would like to present to you in detail below:

  • The oval, elliptical lashes are perfect for your clients who want fuller lashes all day long without slipping or falling off.

  • Due to the larger surface area of the flat eyelash extensions, they can quickly and easily adhere to your customer's natural eyelashes, making application easier.

  • Flat lashes also have the advantage that they weigh 40% less and are around 75% thinner than conventional eyelash extensions. This ensures maximum comfort and above-average durability.

  • Flat eyelash extensions create a unique volume because they cleverly attach to the natural eyelashes and make them appear thicker and darker.

  • Due to the low thickness of 0.15 mm, they are hardly noticeable when worn and also protect your own eyelashes due to the even distribution of their weight.

  • The flat lashes provide your customers with the popular eyeliner effect, as they perfectly contour the lash line.

Our lashes are a great option for your clients who want easy-to-attach lashes that are comfortable to wear and gentle on their own lashes.

Flat Lashes with the one on one Lash Technique

With the single lash technique, single flat lashes are attached to the customer's natural lashes.

This technique is a popular choice for clients who prefer a natural look as it can define each lash and gives a more subtle result than other techniques.

  • The lash stylist begins by cleaning and preparing the client's natural lashes by removing excess oil and dirt.

  • He then selects the appropriate flat lashes to achieve the desired look.

  • The flat lashes are then applied to the natural lashes with a special adhesive, carefully dipping each strand of lashes into the adhesive.

  • The lash stylist places each flat lash approximately 0.2 millimeters from the root of the natural lash to ensure it is firmly attached but not too close to the skin.

  • Each lash is applied individually to ensure it is in the correct position and direction.

  • The stylist repeats this process for each natural lash until the desired look is achieved.

They are ideal for the single lash technique as they are flat and wider than traditional lashes, creating a natural look with more volume and definition.

The flat base of the Flat Lashes also provides a stable surface for the glue, meaning they last longer than traditional lashes.

After use, clients should ensure that they gently clean and condition their lashes to ensure they last longer and remain healthy.

It is also important to have the application performed by an experienced eyelash stylist to ensure a safe and effective result.

What are our flat lashes made of?

If you want to buy flat lashes, you should definitely pay attention to high quality. Our Flat Eyelash Extensions are made with high quality material to ensure they last and give your clients the perfect look.

We therefore only use materials that are skin-friendly and hypoallergenic to ensure that there are no allergic reactions. For the production of Flat Lashes eyelash extensions we use synthetic hair (polymers), microfibers and silicone.

They contain no organic substances and are carefully handcrafted in a complex manufacturing process.

The interaction of the individual components ensures that the extension is robust and durable.

You can buy flat lashes and our other products in our online shop at a fair price and get top quality and a 30-day right of return.

Shipping is always safe and fast. If you have any further questions about the flat eyelash extensions or our other products, we are always at your disposal.

The best Flat Lashes at ConnyLashes

Many women complain that their lashes don't last long enough. Of course, this can be very annoying, especially when you are enjoying a special occasion and don't want to worry about your own lashes all the time.

Our experts have taken this problem to heart so that your customers can enjoy their eyelash extensions for a long time.

As eyelash stylists, we have been working with experienced eyelash experts for more than ten years and pay particular attention to high quality when selecting our eyelash extensions.

We also attach great importance to sustainable production and that all our products are of course vegan and 100% animal-free.

Our flat lashes are particularly soft and comfortable to wear. They are particularly suitable for customers with thin and fine natural lashes who want fuller lashes again.

But our lashes also help customers with gaps in the lash line to conceal them naturally. Our flat eyelash extensions only make a small change, but they have a big effect: Your customers will love their attractive appearance and will immediately feel more self-confident.

Offer your customers high-quality flat lashes now and make their eyes shine! The eyelash extensions with the special wow effect, which guarantees maximum wearing comfort and long durability.

What should be considered when wearing Flat Lashes?

Two important factors are important for a long service life and optimal wearing comfort of our Flat Lashes eyelash extensions: the quality and the correct storage.

We have already taken care of the highest quality. In order for your customers' eyelashes to remain beautiful for a long time and sit firmly, they must be cared for and stored appropriately to the product.

It is therefore important that you inform your customers how to properly care for and store the flat lashes in order to enjoy the products for a long time. In the following we will show you the most important tips:

  • If you choose flat lashes, they should be cared for regularly. It is important that before going to bed, the flat eyelash extensions are cleaned with a gentle cleanser to remove dirt and oil.

  • Rubbing or pulling on the eyelashes should be avoided as this can cause damage.

  • The Flat Lashes Eyelash Extensions are best stored in their packaging or in a clean place free of liquid, oils or dust.

If the flat eyelash extensions are cared for properly, you can be sure that they will last a long time and give your clients an incredible look.

We hope you enjoy shopping our flat eyelash extensions and would be happy to advise you on the selection of our eyelash extension products.

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