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Do you think perfectly fitting eyelashes take a lot of time and effort? Not so with the CC Curl Lashes! Perfectly fitting eyelashes in every stressful everyday situation - this is now possible with our new eyelash extensions. The best thing about it is that you can easily mistake the natural eyelashes for a few weeks and they don't lose their beautiful swing!

What are CC Curl Lashes?

They are a type of eyelash extensions that emphasize the lash line intensively and emphasize the eyes in particular. The CC Curl Eyelash Extensions curve and have a similar shape to the letter C or CC, with the CC Curl Lashes having a slightly more curve than the C Curl Lashes.

They are therefore a mixture of the C and D Curl eyelashes. In contrast to many other eyelash extensions, however, the curvature is gentle, which makes them resemble natural eyelashes and therefore also allows for a natural look.

These are the benefits of CC Curl Lashes

CC Curl Lashes have a variety of special benefits, which we will list for you in the following sections:

  • Natural look: As mentioned at the beginning, the CC Curl Lashes have a gentle curve that resembles natural eyelashes. Therefore, these eyelashes are also ideal for everyday use, as they are not recognizable as false eyelashes. Compared to other eyelash extensions that can sometimes look too stiff and artificial, CC Curl Lashes provide a softer and natural look.

  • More attractiveness: The CC Curl eyelashes give the eyes a beautiful, alert expression and emphasize the look. They make the eyes appear bigger and brighter and give your customers a fresher and younger look. They are perfect for clients who want natural-looking lashes that they can rely on in every day-to-day situation.

  • Long Lasting: CC Curl Lashes typically last longer than other types of eyelash extensions. Due to the water and heat resistance, they last for several weeks before they have to be refilled. This is a great advantage for your customers who want to save a lot of time and money.

  • Gentle on the natural eyelashes: CC Curl Lashes are glued onto the natural eyelashes without damaging or breaking them. Unlike other extensions that can potentially damage natural lashes, CC Curl Lashes have a curve designed to not cause damage to natural lashes.

  • No more need for mascara: Due to the soft and natural curve and density, your customers no longer have to apply mascara. This means that women can look attractive and enjoy full eyelashes even in stressful times. The eyelashes sit and always look perfect!

  • Easy care: The CC Curl Eyelash Extensions are easy to care for, requiring only a gentle cleaning to keep them clean and fresh.

Overall, CC Curl Lashes offer a variety of benefits over other types of extensions. They have a natural look, are long-lasting, do not cause damage to natural lashes, require no mascara and do not require extensive maintenance.

So if you are looking for an eyelash extension for your clients that offers a natural look and long-lasting, you should definitely try the CC Curl Lashes.


Creating CC Curl Lashes requires meticulous and precise craftsmanship to ensure each pair of lashes are of the highest quality. The following steps are typically part of the CC Curl Lashes manufacturing process:

  • Raw Materials: Manufacturing CC Curl Lashes starts with sourcing quality raw materials. The eyelashes are usually made from synthetic materials such as polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), which are safe and durable.

  • Shaping: The eyelash blanks are shaped by sticking them to a curved surface to create the CC Curl shape. Shaping is usually done manually and requires careful handling to ensure each lash has the desired curve.

  • Trimming: After the lashes have the correct curve, they are trimmed to the desired length. This is also done manually and requires great precision to ensure each lash is the correct length.

  • Sorting: The lashes are then sorted by length and curvature to ensure that each pair of lashes has the same length and curvature. This is an important step to ensure the lashes look even and can be applied uniformly.

  • Sterilization: The lashes are then sterilized to ensure they are free from bacteria and other contaminants. This is an important step to ensure the lashes are safe and hygienic.

  • Packaging: After the lashes are sterilized, they are usually individually wrapped and sold in boxes or wrappers. This ensures the lashes stay clean and protected until they are used.

Creating CC Curl Lashes takes a lot of time, effort and craftsmanship to ensure each pair of lashes are of the highest quality. Eyelash stylists using CC Curl Lashes can be assured that they are using a high quality product that has been specifically manufactured for use in eyelash extensions.

The best CC curl lashes

If you want to buy CC Curl Lashes, you should definitely pay attention to good quality. If the eyelashes are made with cheap materials or their skin tolerance is not tested, they can damage the natural eyelashes or even cause skin irritation.


In our online shop, the quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers have top priority. We have been eyelash stylists for many years and have made it our mission to support our customers with the highest quality products. We only work with very carefully selected manufacturers and follow the entire manufacturing process of our products.

All of our eyelashes and eyelash accessories that are available in our online shop are of the highest possible quality and are checked again before each shipment. This is how we make sure that you are happy with your purchase and get the eyelash result you want. In addition, all of our products are always cruelty-free and hypoallergenic.

If you have any questions about our CC Curl eyelash extensions, we are at your disposal.

The right care for the CC Curl Lashes

CC Curl Lashes require special care to maintain their longevity and appearance. Here are some tips on how to properly clean CC Curl Lashes. Feel free to pass these tips on to your customers so that they can enjoy their eyelashes for a long time.

  • Gently wash the lashes: Use a soft, clean brush or applicator to apply an eyelash cleanser to the lashes. Gently cleanse the lashes by stroking the applicator from the root to the tip of the lashes.

  • Rinse eyelashes thoroughly: Rinse eyelashes thoroughly with water to remove any eyelash cleanser residue. Be careful not to splash the water directly onto the lashes, but gently wipe it off with a washcloth or sponge.

  • Dry the lashes gently: Avoid drying the lashes with a towel or blow dryer as this can damage the lash extensions. Instead, gently blot the CC Curl Eyelash Extensions with a soft cloth and let them air dry.

  • Gently brush lashes: Gently brush lashes with an eyelash brush to shape and avoid tangles.

By regularly cleaning and caring for the CC Curl eyelashes, it is ensured that they remain in optimal condition and last longer. Make sure to use gentle cleaning methods and special lash cleansers to maintain their longevity and appearance. We hope you enjoy shopping in our online shop!

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