Eyelash Extension Certification in Arizona

Eyelash extensions have become an important accessory on every woman's face. They lengthen the natural lashes by giving them more density and length. Eyelash extension professionals are referred to as eyelash stylists.

Each state in the United States has different requirements to obtain an education and certificate. Here we will talk about Arizona.


In order to get a certificate of eyelash extensions in Arizona, you must be licensed as a cosmetologist. To get the license, you have to follow the following steps.


First, you must complete a program at a cosmetology school in Arizona. You must be able to demonstrate 1450 training hours in this program.


After completing the program, you can apply for a license by submitting an examination application along with the following documents:

  • A passport photo
  • Cosmetology program completion certificate
  • A document confirming that you live in the United States
  • License fee of $40


After applying, you can register online to take the practical and theoretical exams in Arizona. You can register through Professional Credentials Services (PCS). The fee for both exams is $177, which you can pay by credit card. After receiving the required documents along with the fee, the Cosmetics Authority PCS will inform you whether you qualify or not. You will be informed by e-mail from PCS about the date of the tests and instructions.

First you have to take a practical exam. If you cannot show up for the practical test, you will have to pay a fee again. You can take the written exam via the PSI exam. During business hours, you can contact the PSI representative at (1-800-733-9267). Outside business hours, you can contact the automated system.

You have to achieve 75 points for both practice and theory. If you fail, PCS will send you a report detailing your weaknesses. After passing the exam you will get a cosmetics license.


You have to renew the license after one year. The Arizona renewal application costs $30.


If you have the cosmetics license, you can easily attend eyelash extension training courses. Various in-person and online programs exist in Arizona. You can get trained by anyone you feel comfortable with.

If you are short on time, then an online eyelash extension course is a good idea. You can learn anywhere on the computer. If you prefer to learn physically, there are courses in beauty schools. You have the opportunity to learn the best tips and tricks from experienced eyelash stylists.

If you're interested in getting an Arizona eyelash extension certificate, then it's time to do something. Just get your cosmetology license and join a certificate program in eyelash extensions. This is the only way you can become a professional eyelash stylist.

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