Which eyelash extension lengths?

Dear eyelash stylist, when it comes to eyelash extensions, choosing the right length is crucial to achieve the look you want. In this article we would like to give you an overview of the different lengths of eyelash extensions.

Learn what options are available to you and how to choose the perfect length for your clients. At Conny Lashes we offer the best eyelash extensions in different lengths to give your clients a breathtaking result.

Eyelash extensions Lengths: Natural and subtle

eyelash extensions lengths

Short eyelash extensions are often chosen to achieve a natural and subtle look. They work well for clients who just want some emphasis on their lashes without creating a dramatic effect. Short extensions are around 7 to 9mm in length and provide a subtle yet appealing effect.

Eyelash extensions lengths: suitable for everyday use and versatile

length eyelash extensions

Medium eyelash extensions are a popular choice for everyday use. With a length of around 10 to 12 mm, they give the lashes more fullness and definition without being overdone. This length is versatile and suits different eye shapes and looks. It is ideal for customers who want an appealing yet natural look in everyday life.

Eyelash Extensions Lengths: Dramatic and seductive

length eyelash extensions

Long eyelash extensions are the perfect choice to create a dramatic and alluring look. With a length of about 12 to 14 mm, they ensure maximum length and fullness. They are particularly suitable for special occasions or clients who prefer an intensive, glamorous look. Long extensions make the eyes appear larger and give the face a breathtaking expression.

Individuality and creative possibilities: combine different lengths of eyelash extensions

different eyelash extensions lengths

As an experienced eyelash stylist, you can also combine different lengths of eyelash extensions to create a unique look. By cleverly combining different lengths, you can add dimension and texture to the lashes. For example, you can use short extensions in the inner corners of the eyes and gradually taper them into longer extensions. This creates a fascinating, tailor-made look that emphasizes the individual characteristics of your customers.

Confidence in the quality: Conny Lashes for the best eyelash extensions

lash extensions lengths

When choosing eyelash extensions lengths and in general, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the products. At Conny Lashes you can be sure that we only offer the best eyelash extensions. Our extensions are made from high-quality materials and are characterized by their longevity and naturalness. With our lashes you can give your customers a professional and impressive look.

Why are eyelash extension lengths so important?

Dear eyelash stylist, choosing the right length of eyelash extensions is crucial to achieve the desired look. From short extensions for a natural effect to long extensions for a dramatic look, there are different options to choose from.

Where can you buy the best eyelash extension lengths?

At Conny Lashes you will find the best eyelash extensions, which are characterized by their quality and naturalness. You can buy the individual packs in different materials, lengths, strengths, curls and colors. Trust the Conny Lashes brand and our products. They will not only inspire you but also your customers with breathtaking results.

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