Eyelash extensions: what lengths are available

As an eyelash stylist, it is your job to fulfill the individual wishes and needs of your customers. An important question that comes up again and again is: "What are the lengths of eyelash extensions?" In this article I will give you an overview of the different lengths and give you tips on how to choose the right length for your customers.

Eyelash extensions: A matter of length

The length of the eyelash extensions plays a crucial role in the end result. It largely determines how dramatic the look is and how natural or striking the result is. As an eyelash stylist, it's important to understand the different lengths and how they affect the overall look.

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The most common lengths for eyelash extensions in our shop

There are a variety of lengths available for eyelash extensions, which can usually be measured in millimeters (mm). The most common lengths are usually between 7mm and 14mm. It should be noted that the actual length after application may be slightly shorter due to the natural growth cycle of natural eyelashes.

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Eyelash extensions - what lengths are there? Short to medium lengths

If your clients prefer a natural look, shorter to medium lengths are a good choice. These usually range from 7mm to 11mm. They give the lashes more fullness and length without appearing too conspicuous. This look is well suited for everyday wear or for clients who just want to add a bit of emphasis to their lashes.

Eyelash extensions - what lengths are there? long lengths

For customers who want a dramatic and eye-catching look, you can use longer eyelash extensions. Lengths of 12 mm to 14 mm create an intense and seductive look. This look is particularly suitable for special occasions or clients who would like to be in the limelight.

Individual advice for the perfect length

Eyelash extensions: what lengths are there? Choosing the right length depends on various factors, such as the natural length of the customer's lashes, the shape of the eye and the customer's individual preferences. As an experienced eyelash stylist, it is important to offer individual advice. Here you can inform the customer about the different lengths and choose the right length together.

Eyelash extensions for different eye shapes

When choosing the length, it is also important to consider the shape of the eyes. Clients with round eyes may benefit from longer lash extensions to create an almond-shaped effect. Longer lengths can be used to accentuate the outer lashes and lengthen the look.

For slit eyes, on the other hand, it's best to concentrate the length in the middle of the lashes to open up the gaze and create a more balanced shape.

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The importance of eyelash density

In addition to the length, the thickness of the eyelashes also plays an important role in choosing the right eyelash extensions. Clients with thicker natural lashes can wear longer lengths better, while clients with less thick lashes can wear shorter lengths for a more natural look. It is important to analyze the client's eyelash density and choose the appropriate length accordingly.

Eyelash extensions for different styles

Depending on the desired style and expressiveness, different lengths can be used. If your client prefers a subtle look that creates just a slight difference from the natural lashes, shorter lengths are ideal. For a voluminous look with a strong glamor effect, you can choose longer lengths. It is important to consider the client's style preferences and adjust the appropriate length accordingly.

Trust and communication are crucial

When choosing the right length, it is crucial that you, as an eyelash stylist, communicate openly with your customers. Listen to their wishes and ideas and advise them professionally. Also show them example pictures to give them an idea of ​​the different lengths and their effect. With trust and good cooperation, you can ensure that your customers are satisfied with the result.

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Choosing the right length eyelash extensions is an important step in achieving the look you want. It is important to consider the client's natural characteristics such as lash thickness, eye shape and personal preferences.

Through individual advice and open communication, you can ensure that your customers are happy and satisfied with their eyelash extensions. Experiment with different lengths and styles to create the perfect look for each client.

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