Eyelashes pulled out after eyelash extensions - causes and solutions

As an experienced eyelash stylist, it is important to me to inform you about possible problems and their solutions in connection with eyelash extensions. One such problem that some customers face is lash tearing after eyelash extensions. In this article, you will learn why this can happen and how you can avoid this problem.

Why are eyelashes pulled out after eyelash extensions?

Eyelash tearing after eyelash extensions can have various causes. A possible cause is improper handling or care of the eyelash extensions. Pulling, rubbing, or exposing your lashes to oil products can cause lash extensions to come loose and pull natural lashes with them. Strong rubbing of the eyes or incorrect removal of the eyelash extensions can also lead to this problem.

How to avoid tearing eyelashes after eyelash extensions?

In order to avoid tearing out eyelashes after eyelash extensions, it is important to observe the correct care and handling of the eyelash extensions. Avoid pulling, rubbing, or squeezing your lashes, and don't use oily products near your lashes. Wearing swimming goggles or rubbing your eyes when showering or removing make-up should also be avoided. If you are unsure how best to care for your eyelash extensions, please ask your eyelash stylist for advice.

What to do if eyelashes are torn out after eyelash extensions?

If you have already plucked out eyelashes after your eyelash extensions, it is important to remain calm and not to remove any further eyelash extensions yourself. Contact your eyelash stylist immediately and make an appointment for a touch-up. Your lash stylist will replace the torn out lash extensions and ensure your natural lashes are protected and allowed to recover.

The importance of professional eyelash extensions

Professional eyelash lengthening by an experienced eyelash stylist is of great importance to prevent eyelashes from tearing out. A qualified eyelash stylist uses high-quality products and knows the right technique to safely and gently apply the eyelash extensions. In addition, a professional eyelash stylist offers comprehensive advice on the care and aftercare of eyelash extensions in order to minimize possible problems.

Find a trusted eyelash stylist near you

Finding a trusted and experienced eyelash stylist is important to minimize the risk of pulled lashes after eyelash extensions. Look for recommendations, read reviews, and see the lash stylist's work to make sure you're in good hands. A good eyelash stylist will not only provide you with beautiful eyelash extensions, but also offer comprehensive advice and support.

Enjoy your eyelash extensions without worries

With the right precautions and a professional eyelash extension, you can enjoy your new eyelash extensions to the fullest. Be careful about grooming, follow your eyelash stylist's recommendations, and follow proper handling. This way you will enjoy your eyelash extensions for a long time and minimize the risk of torn eyelashes.

Make an appointment with your eyelash stylist now

If you're looking for quality lash extensions and want to minimize the risk of lash tears, make an appointment with your trusted lash stylist now. Get professional advice, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and get fantastically beautiful eyelash extensions that will make your eyes shine.

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