Perfect preparation with the primer for eyelash extensions

As an experienced eyelash stylist, you certainly know how important thorough preparation is for successful eyelash extensions. A primer is an indispensable tool to ensure optimal adhesion and durability of the eyelash extensions.

At Conny Lashes you will find high-quality primers for eyelash extensions that have been specially developed for professional eyelash stylists like you. In this article, I would like to show you why you should choose the primer from Conny Lashes and how you can use it to inspire your customers with perfect eyelash extensions.

Why Conny Lashes eyelash extension primer is the best choice

  • Quality and effectiveness: The primer from Conny Lashes is characterized by its high quality and its effective formula. It optimally prepares the natural eyelashes for eyelash extensions by removing grease, oil and other residues. This creates a clean and adhesive surface for the eyelash extensions.

  • Improved adhesion: The primer ensures improved adhesion of the eyelash extensions by optimally preparing the natural eyelashes. It opens the cuticle layer of the eyelashes and thus enables a better connection between the extensions and the natural eyelashes. The result is long-lasting and stable eyelash extensions.

  • Easy to use: Conny Lashes' primer is easy to use. Apply a small amount of the primer to a microbrush or applicator and spread it evenly over the natural lashes before applying the extensions. The primer dries quickly and leaves no residue.

Buy the eyelash extension primer from Conny Lashes for your customers

  1. Visit the Conny Lashes website and discover the range of high-quality primers for eyelash extensions .

  2. Choose the primer that best suits your needs and preferences. Conny Lashes offers different variants that are tailored to different requirements.

  3. Put the desired primer for eyelash extensions in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout.

  4. Enter the shipping address of your studio and select a suitable payment method.

  5. Confirm your order and look forward to using Conny Lashes' high-quality primer for your customers.

primer eyelash extensions

Advantages of the Conny Lashes primer

  • Extended durability: The primer from Conny Lashes not only ensures improved adhesion of the eyelash extensions, but also helps to extend their durability. By thoroughly cleaning and preparing the natural lashes, the extensions are securely and firmly attached to the lashes, resulting in longer wearing time.

  • Protection of the natural eyelashes: A high-quality primer for eyelash extensions such as that from Conny Lashes protects the natural eyelashes from possible damage. By removing dirt, oil and makeup residue, it promotes lash health and preserves its integrity.

  • Even application: The primer for eyelash extensions from Conny Lashes enables even and precise application. Its lightweight consistency allows you to effortlessly spread the primer over natural lashes without clumping or drying unevenly.

The quality of Conny Lashes primers

High-quality ingredients: At Conny Lashes, only high-quality ingredients are used for their primers. The formulas are carefully designed to ensure effective cleaning and preparation of the lashes without irritating the delicate eye area.

Why every eyelash stylist needs an eyelash extension primer

A primer for eyelash extensions is an indispensable tool for any eyelash stylist who wants to offer a successful job. With the primer from Conny Lashes you can achieve optimal preparation of the natural eyelashes, achieve improved adhesion of the extensions and extend the durability of the eyelash extensions.

The high-quality ingredients and dermatologically tested formulas make Conny Lashes primers the ideal choice for professional eyelash stylists. Visit their website today and discover the variety of high-quality primers to offer your customers a perfect eyelash experience.

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