This is how you improve working hours

Eyelash stylists often struggle with long working hours. How to speed up the eyelash extension work and what "steals" your time - we'll tell you in detail here.


Time is money. You have many advantages if you reduce the working hours:

  • More customers per day
  • Shorter treatments make it more comfortable for the client
  • More free time for yourself without loss of income
  • Offer customers an additional service

Many factors influence the working speed. Experience remains the most important factor. It is normal for a beginner to feel insecure and work slowly. The procedure will take more time. It is important to choose quality after speed. The quality of the work should always come first.

Experience should not be measured in years, but in the number of clients. Beginners may be advised to worry less about speed and just do their job well. Don't let unnecessary worries interfere with your focus. The quality of the products plays a major role. Buy only professional eyelash extension products.



Once you've completed the first course and had time to practice on models, you can always continue learning from professional trainers. Take part in further training courses in which you will work through all aspects quickly and clearly and learn how to use eyelash extensions professionally.


A comfortable workplace is a factor that determines the speed of work. It is necessary to correctly place the tools in the area of ​​the outstretched hand. It is best to determine a fixed place for each material. No more wasting time and it will be an automation process. Buy an eyelash plate, which effectively speeds up the working time. Tie your hair back so it doesn't obstruct your view. Choose the right chair and lounger with height adjustment. Use comfortable, cool or neutral light that is appropriate to the workspace.

Place the customer comfortably and make sure the pillow doesn't interfere with the work. If the height of the pillow interferes with the view of the lashes, use a smaller pillow or remove it altogether.

Distribute the distance between eyelet, glue and adhesive tape skilfully. Having fixed the hand in the working position, you can take the eyelash without unnecessary movements, immediately dip it in glue and quickly glue it. Otherwise, if the drop of glue is far away, you'll have to do another move.

Put the clock in a place where you can see it immediately.


Turn on the silent mode on the phone, do not answer calls and messages. Tell the client you're working quietly. No facial expressions, blinking or gesturing. This can lead to a displacement of the eye pads. We recommend offering gel lip masks to customers so you can have a relaxing time without conversations.


Choose the right glue! There are several adhesives that differ in the exposure times. Always check this first when purchasing eyelash extension glue. Check the temperature and humidity in the room so you can speed up the working time. We recommend our best for beginners Eyelash Extension Glue #3 .

Glue eyelash extensions


You are not satisfied with the working hours? Find the reason for the slowness, analyze and try to speed it up. Our recommendation – practice, practice, practice. Never rush to apply eyelashes. Individual lashes or lash fans should be applied with patience and correctly.

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