Eyelash extensions training with certificate

Eyelash extensions have become very popular in recent years. Women love to be pampered and wear longer and fuller lashes every day. The demand for eyelash treatments and professional eyelash artists around the world is increasing every year. If you're looking for an addition or career change, why not become a certified eyelash technician with one of our eyelash extension courses? Our certified eyelash extension courses are designed to teach you the world's latest and greatest eyelash extension techniques. We offer high quality eyelash training with experienced trainers who will teach you the latest tips & tricks and the best eyelash extension products. Our goal is to educate women and men who want to offer the best eyelash service in their city, open their studio, build their brand and succeed. The courses at the Conny Lashes Academy are a unique mix of theory and practical exercises. We welcome students of all abilities. Our eyelash extension courses are suitable for beginners and eyelash artists who want to learn new skills or refresh their knowledge. All eyelash courses are held in smaller groups, so there is ample opportunity to ask questions or get additional support. We also offer lifetime support as questions and ambiguities usually arise even after the eyelash lengthening course. We live eyelashes and our academy will accompany you on your way. All students receive our high-quality training documents with all the important information about eyelash extensions. We aim to provide our students with the best experience no matter which eyelash extension course they take. We also offer special discounts if you do an apprenticeship with us. When you have successfully completed your training, you will receive a diploma certificate from us. Our eyelash extension courses will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to become one of the best eyelash technicians. Discover our eyelash lengthening courses.