LD Curl Lashes

LD Curl Lashes


    Eyelash extensions require a lot of creativity and know-how. Thickness, length, and curl must be individually tailored to each customer. To achieve the perfect result, nothing must go wrong with lash mapping. Drawing the individual lengths on the eye pad gives an eyelash stylist the way to create a perfect lash line. With the LD Curl, you can conjure up dramatic eyelash looks. It will take your Russian volume lash game to a new level.

    Characteristics of LD Curl Lashes

    1. The curve makes the eyelash extensions perfect for clients with deep-set eyes and normal, straight natural lashes.
    2. The straight base of the LD Curl Lashes, in conjunction with the beautiful curve, opens the eye and creates a dramatic eyelash look.
    3. The straight base allows a perfect adhesive surface, and the dramatic curve makes every eye look much bigger.
    4. LD Curl eyelashes are characterized by deep black colour and a curl that never loses its momentum.
    5. The strong swing creates a unique WOW effect that every woman dreams of.
    6. LD Curl Lashes are essentially D Curl Lashes with a flatter base.
    7. The straight base enables the ultimate eyelid lift effect.
    8. The eyelash extensions are particularly suitable for older customers with sagging eyelids. Drooping eyelids can be concealed without any problems.

    What are our LD Curl Lashes made of?

    Our eyelash extensions are synthetic artificial eyelashes. To create a perfect curl, they are rolled up by hand and heated up to 120 degrees Celsius. The eyelashes are visually similar to real hair due to their flexibility and lightness. The individual components guarantee durability and robustness. Their top quality is hardly distinguishable from natural eyelashes.

    What do synthetic eyelashes have to do with mink lashes?

    Natural fibers are not particularly suitable for processing into high-quality artificial eyelashes. The eyelashes are named "Mink" because their texture is as soft as animal mink hair. Our eyelashes are not made from animal hair. They are vegan and 100% cruelty-free.

    Premium LD Curl Lashes in our eyelash extension shop

    We are very proud to present you our LD Curl Lashes! The LD Curl eyelashes are a combination of the L Curl and the D Curl. The LD Curl eyelashes are available from us in different lengths and thicknesses. You can conjure up unique effects with the lash extensions, such as the cat-eye look, doll-eye, natural-eye, open-eye or squirrel eyelash look. The technique of eyelash extensions is tailored to the particularities of the eye shape, position of the eyes, and the depth of the customer's eyes. Especially for customers with straight natural eyelashes, LD Curl eyelashes are ideal because they open the eye. They can be easily removed from the eyelash strips. Fast and precise work is therefore given. They are also very comfortable to wear. Most customers will forget after a few hours that they are wearing eyelash extensions at all. We want to offer our customers the best service. Every packet of LD Curl eyelashes is checked personally by us for its quality before it is dispatched. This is the only way we can deliver top-quality products to our customers. Not every studio offers this unique eyelash curl. Stand out from the rest and offer your customers a wide variety of special looks. Have fun shopping in our eyelash extension shop.