L Curl Lashes

L Curl Lashes


    Long, curved, deep black eyelashes are the ideal of beauty. Unfortunately, very few women have perfect eyelashes. Eyelash extensions give every woman a stunning look and a unique expression. In this regard, you can help your customers with many different eyelash extension curls. One of them is the wonderful L Curl.

    Characteristic of L Curl Lashes

    1. The flat base of the L Curl eyelashes provides a large and secure adhesive area between the extension and the natural eyelash.
    2. The unique curve of the L Curl eyelash extensions makes eyes look bigger and fresher.
    3. The long, straight base combined with the sweeping tip of the extension easily accommodates all-natural eyelashes that grow downwards.
    4. L curl eyelashes create the ultimate open-eye effect. The dramatic momentum literally opens the eye of every customer.
    5. With the L Curl Lashes, every treatment becomes an experience. They can be pulled off the strips very quickly and easily and fanned out with eyelash tweezers.
    6. L Curl eyelashes create a natural-looking length and a perfect lash line.
    7. The L eyelashes are particularly suitable for customers with straight or downward-facing natural eyelashes.
    8. The incomparable wearing comfort makes customers forget after a few hours that they are wearing eyelash extensions at all.
    9. The long base of the extension ensures quick application for the eyelash stylist.

    What are our L Curl Lashes made of?

    Eyelash extensions are produced from a synthetic material in a complex manufacturing process. The material consists of synthetic hair (polymers), microfibers and silicone. The L Curl extensions are formed by heating. The individual eyelashes are rolled up and heated up to 120 degrees Celsius. They have the same properties as natural hair and are free from organic substances. The individual components ensure durability and robustness. A synthetic mink lash can hardly be distinguished from natural eyelashes in terms of their quality.

    What do synthetic eyelashes have to do with mink lashes?

    Natural fibers are not particularly suitable for processing into high-quality artificial eyelashes. Due to the matt look and shape, the lash extensions are called "Mink." It should be suggested that the eyelashes look very natural. All of our mink lashes are sustainably made from synthetic material. They are 100% free from animal hair.

    The best L Curl Lashes are available in our eyelash shop

    Customers with straight or downward-facing natural eyelashes often make you despair? We have the perfect solution for you! Our L Curl Lashes solve all your problems. They are also suitable for clients with small eyes.  The before and after effect is incredible. The L Curl eyelash extensions are available from us in different lengths and thicknesses. You can conjure up unique effects with the lash extensions, such as the cat-eye look, doll-eye, natural-eye or open-eye lash look. The technique of eyelash extensions is tailored to the particularities of the eye shape, position of the eyes, and the depth of the customer's eyes. The excellent quality of our L Curl eyelashes makes them a top-rated product among eyelash stylists all over the world. Because the eyelash extensions do not lose their curl and perfect color intensity even in the hottest temperatures. Quality and customer satisfaction are very important to Conny Lashes. That is why every L Curl Lashes package is checked carefully before it leaves our shop. Have fun with the eyelash extensions.