LC Curl Lashes

LC Curl Lashes


    An eyelash stylist needs to have many different eyelash extension curls in the studio. You often never know which customer is coming and which eyelash look they want. That is why it is good to be prepared for all situations. There are many different lash curls, and each of them is individual and has specific properties. One of them is the exceptionally curved LC Curl.

    Characteristics of LC Curl Lashes

    1. The special curve makes the LC Curl eyelashes perfect for customers with deep-seated eyes and straight or downward-facing natural eyelashes.
    2. The flat base of the LC eyelashes and the strong curve from the middle of the extension allow the eye to open visibly. A glamorous eyelash look is created.
    3. These special eyelash extensions are the perfect choice for clients who want a bigger and wider look.
    4. The straight base of the extension allows a large adhesive surface, and the intense swing opens the customer's eye many times over.
    5. LC Curl Lashes create a natural-looking length and a dramatic curve that does not touch the eyelid.
    6. LC eyelashes have a very straight base similar to the L curl. The swing is like a C curl.

    What are our LC Curl Lashes made of?

    Our eyelash extensions are synthetic artificial eyelashes. To create a perfect curl, they are rolled up by hand and heated up to 120 degrees Celsius. The eyelashes are very similar to real hair due to their flexibility and lightness. The individual components guarantee durability and robustness. Their top quality is hardly distinguishable from natural eyelashes.

    What do synthetic eyelashes have to do with mink lashes?

    Natural fibres are not particularly suitable for processing into high-quality artificial eyelashes. The term "mink" only refers to the appearance of the eyelash extensions. It should be suggested that the eyelashes look firm and very natural. All of our mink lashes are made exclusively from synthetic material. They are made 100% cruelty-free.

    With us, you can buy the best LC Curl Lashes

    Delight your customers with our LC Curl eyelashes! Our LC Curl Extensions are available from us in individual lengths and strengths. You can conjure up unique effects with the lash extensions, such as the cat-eye look, doll-eye, open-eye, fox- or squirrel eyelash look. The technique of eyelash extensions is tailored to the particularities of the eye shape, position of the eyes and the depth of the customer's eyes. Our LC eyelashes do not lose their curl even after weeks, and the intense depth of colour characterizes the extension. LC Curl eyelashes create an elegant effect, especially when the client's natural eyelashes are straight or downward. A big advantage of our LC Curl Lashes is the complex production process and the associated top quality. The extensions are all made precisely by hand. The eyelash extensions can be easily peeled off the strips while working and fanned out with eyelash tweezers. They offer ultimate comfort and are sure to bring you many happy regular customers. Our LC Curl Lashes are rechecked by hand before they leave our eyelash extensions shop. Your customers will love the eyelash looks with the LC Curl eyelashes.