Eyelash extensions in home studios are not the best idea

We don't want to say that all stylist who work in a beauty salon are necessarily better. Everything is individual. Over the years we have accumulated a whole archive of stories about eyelash extensions. In the bad cases, most stories from eyelash stylists at home, and there are many objective reasons for this.

The difference between a beauty salon and a home studio

Many women entrust they eyes to a lash stylist on the recommendation of a friend. Many times, the price in a home studio for a treatment is two times lower than in a professional salon. We have heard many times that women went home with swollen eyes and an allergy. Although before there was never an allergic reaction in a beauty salon before. A noticeable gap in the eyelash line on the following days is not uncommon. There are many facts that need to be checked that a home studio is probably not the best idea.

Qualification of the eyelash stylist

What does it take to start a business at home? Not much. Therefore, the likelihood of encountering a low-skilled eyelash stylist is very high. Nowadays there are free online videos that promise to teach in just a couple of days to become a professional eyelash stylist. And these videos are watched by hundreds of unexperienced beginners. After such training, graduates immediately begin to practice. After a few close friends, they immediately move on to start customer service. After all, no one can confirm or refute their qualifications. And the incredulous client will be shown a professional diploma. Although the price of such a document is small.

When hiring new stylists, a beauty salon will certainly check the qualifications for what is written in diplomas and certificates. Many studios are faced with an insufficient level of qualification of employees; therefore, they organize training for them themselves. Professional salons work to constantly improve their employee’s skills to guarantee customers the best service

Eyelash Extension Pricing

Do you think eyelash extensions at home is an opportunity to save money? Maybe at first sight. But it is an opportunity to earn additional problems for yourself. Because often it is the low price that is the only way a home studio can lure a client. Many think that the reduced cost of an eyelash extension home studio is due to the absence of rental costs.

Someone must do disinfection work every day, and it also costs money. It is necessary to provide a certain level of humidity and temperature. These factors affect the quality of eyelash extensions. It is necessary to purchase equipment for sterilization and disinfection, special tools. It is necessary to purchase many consumables. All these costs are borne by the salon. If the lash stylist decides to save on these things, then the quality and result of such a service suffers significantly.

If all the conditions for the treatment are met, the work gets done by an experienced eyelash stylist and he works with high-quality expensive materials, then the difference in the cost of services at home and in the salon will be no more than 25%.


The lash tools meet the hands of the stylist, as well as with the eyelashes and eyelids of the client. Many women complain about skin mites when they visit a home eyelash studio.

To ensure a 100% safety guarantee, the eyelash stylist must work with a completely sterile instrument. Such equipment is expensive, and a beauty salon can afford it, but for a private home studio this purchase is more than expensive. The lash tools should be stored in such a way that it does not meet any potentially dangerous bacteria. The working room must meet certain requirements. Floors, walls and all surfaces must be disinfected daily - washed with a special solution. Do you think many stylists at home perform this procedure? The eyelash bed must also be processed, the pads on the couch must be disposable or changed and washed after each client at high temperatures. Many skin diseases are transmitted without observing these simple rules of hygiene. Most often, masters at home only create the appearance of cleanliness and safety, because it is practically impossible to provide it in an ordinary apartment or it is very costly both in terms of money and time.

An eyelash extension treatment should be a safe and comfortable procedure, and this can be 100% achieved only by contacting a good beauty salon.

How to find a good eyelash extension salon?

A professional beauty salon can be found easily if you know how. Search on social networks and reviews. A good eyelash stylist will make the eyelashes look amazing.

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