How to do 3D volume eyelash extensions like a pro

Everyone knows that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Many women put in a lot of effort every day for make-up and skin care. Not all of them are enthusiastic about spending hours per day in the bathroom to make themself beautiful. At such moments, they want to stay in bed longer or watch a late-night movie instead of spending the time on beauty. Eyelash extensions help to solve these problems. Nowadays there are many different styles to discover for everyone. One of them are 3D eyelash extensions. They allow to look spectacular day and night without make-up.

What are 3D lashes?

The 3D volume lash extension technique is very popular worldwide. The eyelash stylist takes 3 extensions and applies them on one natural hair. Them difference between 3D lashes and other techniques is the number of synthetic hairs that get applied to each natural eyelash. There is one rule: The larger the eyelash volume the thinner the extensions. The weight of the artificial fans should be safe for the natural hairs, and the result itself looks expressiveness, but not too flashy.

3d eyelash extensions

Who is suitable for 3D volume lashes?

The triple volume is suitable for customers who like to simplify personal care without harming their own attractiveness. 3D eyelash extensions help to save the time and energy saved on daily makeup application. Only one refill appointment per month and no more worries about crumbling mascara - no make-up needed anymore to look stunning.

3D volume lashes stand for an expressive and bright look. At the same time, it is a flawless natural look and suitable for every party.

Women who are used to look in the mirror all the time, can safely hide the mirror deep in their purse or leave it at home.

Models around the world love to wear 3D lashes. They take advantage of the powerful eyelash volume to look amazing on the pictures.

3D eyelashes are for every day. Women with fuller lashes always feel comfortable no matter if they go to work, do a work-out or go to a romantic date.

With the help of competent modelling, smart selection of the diameters, lengths and curls can be a created a great 3D effect. It is a great method to look gorgeous 24/7. The 3D volume lash extensions need to be done by a skilled stylist to get the result you desire. A professional stylist can correct natural asymmetry or visually non-standard eye fit. By the way, a study has shown that men prefer women with longer and fuller eyelashes, but they almost never can figure out this little feminine beauty trick.

That is how you do professional 3D lashes

The results of professional 3D lash extensions look bright and create an open-eye-effect. How is this possible? It's simple:

  1. The professional eyelash stylist selects the parameters of eyelashes individually for each client. Diameter, length, color and curl change taking into account the structure of the eyes, the type of face, etc.;
  2. The second step is that the stylist washes off the remnants of makeup and cleans the hairs from make-up and other residues. The oily base of the beauty products does not allow to hold the extensions and natural eyelashes properly together.
  3. At the third stage, the extensions are treated with a primer, so that eyelash extensions hold tightly.
  4. The stylist strictly adheres to the 3D volume extension technique. The extensions get fanned and glued every time with the same technique. A smooth lash line must be achieved.
  5. The stylist corrects visible imperfections. By changing the parameters of the synthetic eyelashes, you can visually increase or decrease the distance between the eyes,  make the eyes "wide open", cope with the problem of an overhanging eyelid, etc.
  6. The final stage of 3D eyelashes is to brush the eyelashes and remove all products from the eye area.

How long does the treatment take?

The duration of a new set of 3D eyelash extensions is usually 2,5 to 3 hours but may differ from various factors. It depends on the amount and the structure of the natural eyelashes of the customer. The skills of the stylist also play a big time role.


The perfect length for 3D eyelash extensions

An experienced stylist selects the parameters of the synthetic hair, based on the characteristics of the client's face, and tries to achieve harmonious results. The length of the natural eyelashes in the average woman is 6-12 mm. The condition of the hairs depends on genetic characteristics and race. The length is directly influenced by lengths of the natural eyelashes. An extension should never be longer as 1/3 as the natural client’s eyelash. Longer eyelashes are suitable for clients with small, deep-set eyes. They open the eyes more.

The perfect diameter for 3D volume lashes

In creating 3D volume eyelash extensions, it is most convenient to use a diameter of 0.07. It is the best solution to achieve maximum lightness and naturalness of the look.

3d lash extensions

Refill appointments

We recommend refill appointments after 3-4 weeks. Several factors can affect the durability.

  1. The after care
  2. Composition of cleansers and make-up removers (oily formulas are forbidden)
  3. Hair type, length, thickness and condition of the natural eyelashes
  4. Natural hair cycle of eyelashes
  5. Contact with water, exposure to steam and high temperatures
  6. Eyelash extension products that are used

The durability of eyelash extensions can also be negatively affected by unstable hormonal levels, taking medications. If the eyes are often watery (due to increased sensitivity, dry air, strong wind), then this will also shorten the wearing time.

Advantages of 3D lashes

It is worth considering about 3D lash extensions in more detail. They have the following advantages:

  • 3D eyelash extensions bring a chic volume. It allows to create a most expressive, theatrical lash look.
  • It is also for customers with overly sensitive eyes.
  • All available eyelash extension curls can be used for 3D lashes. Especially for clients with naturally grow downward eyelashes, this method will make the eyes look bigger.
  • The technique has a wide variety of effects. Each customer is unique, the extensions allow to maximize the natural beauty of the eyes and hide their imperfections.
  • There is no need for eye make-up. Women with 3D lash extensions can sleep longer and spend minimum of time getting ready. They always look attractive, at any time of the day.

Classic Lashes vs. 3D eyelash extensions

3d eyelashes

To clearly explain the difference between both techniques, let's compare 3D lashes with the "classic" method. In the classic version one artificial eyelash is attached to each natural hair. To create 3D eyelashes, three synthetic eyelashes need to be glued to each natural eyelash. For 3D volume lashes, the stylist uses exclusively thin, light extensions. Such artificial hairs are practically weightless and do not create excessive stress on natural eyelashes. We recommend using 3D faux mink lashes or cashmere eyelash extensions.

When you shouldn’t do 3D eyelash extensions

There are certain factors that can negatively affect a woman’s appearance or her health. Therefore, the stylist must observe safety precautions during work.

  • The first factor to consider before the work is the condition, lengths and thickness of the client’s eyelashes. Too short and weakened eyelashes will not hold the extension well. Over time they will become brittle and will begin to fall out. In this case, the stylist must decide if the work is possible or not. Everything is above health!
  • Pregnant women should also think about the need for 3D volume eyelash extensions. It has no strict contraindications, since all materials used are hypoallergenic and harmless. However, hormonal changes occurring in the body of a pregnant woman can significantly shorten the wearing period of eyelash extensions. Even after achieving the desired result, you can face hair loss and brittleness due to the instability of hormones.
  • Taking strong medications is also a limitation for the procedure. Due to some medications, eyelashes can fall out. Therefore, the work should be done only after the completion of the course of treatment.
  • Various eye diseases and inflammatory processes are also contraindications. A woman suffering from blepharitis or other infection will experience itching, burning, tearfulness, pain, etc. after the procedure. Wait until the infection is over to do 3D eyelashes.

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